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Caucasus Muslims Office holds meeting regarding start of month of Muharram [PHOTO]

7 July 2024 15:51 (UTC+04:00)
Caucasus Muslims Office holds meeting regarding start of month of Muharram [PHOTO]

On July 7, a meeting was held in the Caucasian Muslims Office (CMO) regarding the beginning of the month of Muharram.

Citing the press service of CMB, Azernews reports that Sheikhulislam A. Pashazadeh, who opened the event with the recitation of the Koran, noted that this month, which is an example of respect for the Ahl-Bayt, is a holy moment for commemorating the martyrs of the Patriotic War, and said that it is an indicator of the existence of Imam Hussain's school of martyrdom. Sheikhulislam A. Pashazadeh, who emphasized that the author of Karabakh Victory was the victorious President of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani people led by him with wisdom, and the brave Azerbaijani Army, emphasized that the main strengthening factors of our victory in the Patriotic War were state-people unity, close unity around the head of state, and national and religious-spiritual unity within our society. drew The chairman of the CMB stated that the protection of these values ​​is important for us to move towards future victories, and he specially mentioned the moral duties of the clergy.

Saying that the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev, who laid the foundation of the high level of state-religion relations, always treated the national and moral values ​​with care and concern, Sheikhulislam A. Pashazadeh, in his historical speech to the religious people of Azerbaijan during the Ashura ceremony on June 20, 1994, came to the Tazpir Mosque. He reminded that Imam Hussain, peace be upon him, expressed his importance at a high level. Sheikhulislam A. Pashazade proudly emphasized that the path of higher spirituality started by the National Leader Heydar Aliyev continues and develops at the highest level today by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

A film reflecting the National Leader's respect for national and moral values ​​was shown at the event.

At the meeting, the appeal of the Council of Qazis of CMB regarding the beginning of the month of Muharram was read and accepted. The appeal contains specific tasks and recommendations regarding Ashura ceremonies. In particular, information was given about the blood donation campaigns held traditionally as one of the examples of appropriate charity. Chairman of the CMB Sheikhulislam Allahshukur Pashazadeh gave recommendations and tasks to the members of the Board of Judges, authorized representatives, and imams regarding the month of Muharram.

Organizational issues were discussed at the meeting. Changes have been made in the composition of the CMB Council of Judges. The Council of Judges was informed about the appointment of 2 new judges and 5 new authorized representatives of the CMB.

Later, Sheikhulislam A. Pashazade informed the religious leaders about the meetings and events carried out by the Caucasian Muslims Department to serve the interests and interests of our people and our state at the level of interreligious dialogue and cooperation. He said that the source of trust and respect for our country in the world is the successes and victories of Azerbaijan's statehood. Sheikhulislam A. Pashazade told about the importance of meetings of religious leaders in Baku and Shusha within the framework of the VI World Intercultural Dialogue Forum held in Baku in May of this year, the reception of religious leaders by the President of Azerbaijan, the visit of religious leaders to the liberated territories, the construction works in Karabakh and the visit to the restored religious and spiritual monuments. , talked about the historical value of the adopted Shusha Declaration. Sheikhulislam A. Pashazade pointed out that Azerbaijan will host the globally important COP29 event in November of this year, and spoke about the duties and responsibilities of the Caucasus Muslims Office in the framework of this globally important climate conference, which will visit Azerbaijan and the high level of this event.

It was emphasized at the meeting that Azerbaijan is on the verge of an important socio-political event. Extraordinary elections to the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan will be held in our country on September 1. The CMB called on all religious figures to actively participate in these elections.

Sahib Naghiyev and Gunduz Ismayilov, deputy chairmen of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, who participated in the meeting, gave their recommendations to the clergy. Emphasizing that clerics showed a high example of patriotism during the days of the Patriotic War, the officials of the Committee reminded them of the responsibility of conveying the values ​​of our religion to the people during the Muharram celebrations and advised them to be careful not to include elements of superstition. It was stated that the recommendations reflected in the application of the CMB Council of Veterans should be strictly followed. The continuation of cooperation in all matters between the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Administration of Caucasian Muslims was especially emphasized.

Mufti Salman Musayev and Qazis spoke at the meeting, imams' questions were heard, and comments were made on issues of interest to religious leaders.

At the meeting, prayers were read for the souls of the martyrs of the Motherland, and Allah's mercy was asked.


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