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Beating around the bush, Karabakh satrap waters down Kremlin plans vis-a-vis region

24 January 2023 17:59 (UTC+04:00)
Beating around the bush, Karabakh satrap waters down Kremlin plans vis-a-vis region

By Yusif Abbaszada

The decades-long tittle-tattle of Armenians has yielded no results other than getting on the nerves of not only Azerbaijanis but also foreign masters acting behind the curtain. Another attempt to spread lies was shut down and the world has once again seen the true face of the deceiver and propagandist.

We are talking about the interview the so-called “state minister” of the separatist Karabakh, Ruben Vardanyan, gave to BBC’s HARDtalk chat show. Right from the top of the interview, Stephen Sackur made it clear to Vardanyan that the journalist has no intention of meaningless chit-chat and the safe pillow of deceit and indulgence is nearing its logical conclusion. Sackur set out to expose the pretense and false propaganda that the Armenians themselves have been fed for so long.

In response to Sackur’s question, Vardanyan chose to deny his proximity to Putin, thus revealing how unreliable and untrustworthy he is as he made futile attempts to reject obvious secrets on how he came to own his billions.

One got the impression that the topic of the war between Ukraine and Russia was taboo for Ruben Vardanyan. The reason for such secrecy was not Vardanyan's position, but his fear of losing an ally in the person of Russia. Immediately sensing this, Stephen began to ask questions on this topic, thereby confusing the separatist. By dodging to express his attitude towards the Russian war in Ukraine, he proved whose project he is.

The matter is that Sackur is aware of Vardanyan’s special mission in Karabakh. Thus, it was no place for excuses as the conversation acquired a completely different turn for the Karabakh separatist.

The topic of the day was Karabakh, which Vardanyan tried in every way possible to raise and develop, receiving a sharp question instead of dodging Sackur's questions. Instead of compassion and consolation, the liar received sharp criticism and a direct question: how does he see the further development of the events?

Vardanyan’s frail attempts to bring attention to the topic of Karabakh were met with sharp criticism in lieu of compassion and consolation.

As the interviewer was left with no answer about the future developments of the events, he reviled that there are only two real scenarios. The first is to sign a peace agreement with Azerbaijan, and the second is to leave the territory of Karabakh. Fairy tales about the greatness of Armenian culture and the antiquity of all Armenians were already out of place, but the confused Ruben tried to save the situation with all his might.

The interviewer also raised a question about tense relations between Vardanyan and the Armenian government, which the separatist chieftain clumsily evaded.

The answer to what is the precise relationship of the Kremlin henchman with the Armenian government is unclear, but what can be said for sure is that the entire Armenian population experienced second-hand embarrassment that day.

Legends and tales about great Armenia are passed down from generation to generation, and Ruben Vardanyan himself can become a new hero of Armenian folklore.

Armenia can turn anything into a fairytale and turn any of its antagonists into a protagonist. This way, a snake is transformed into a "valiant defender of the rights of all heroic Armenians".

Jokes practically write themselves on the topic of the shameful interview but one thing remains clear - Ruben is in a hopeless situation and reached an impasse. Two possible solutions – to sign an agreement or leave Karabakh - were proposed to him during the conversation.

Any dispute has its end no matter the length Armenia goes on to drag it out. In this case, all limits have been exhausted and based on the interview, Armenians have only two options left both of which benefit Azerbaijan.


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