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Baku slams Yerevan for escalating border tensions [PHOTO]

4 October 2022 13:37 (UTC+04:00)
Baku slams Yerevan for escalating border tensions [PHOTO]

By Vugar Khalilov

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry has condemned the Armenian military-political leadership for escalating tensions on the state border, Azernews reports, citing the ministry.

“We declare that the Armenian military-political leadership bears the entire responsibility for the deliberate escalation of the situation,” the ministry stressed.

In the evening of October 3 and during the night of October 4, units of the Armenian armed forces, using various calibers of weapons, subjected to fire the Azerbaijani army positions, located in Kalbajar’s Zivel, Zaylik, and Istisu settlements, as well as Tovuz’s Aghdam and Qaralar settlements from their military positions in Basarkechar (Gegharkunik) region’s Subatan, Yukhari Shorja and Istisu settlements, as well as Tovuzgala (Tavush) region’s Chinarli and Kolagir settlements, the ministry detailed.

Units of the Azerbaijani army took appropriate retaliatory measures to suppress the opposite side, the report added.

The major border clashes since the 44-day war (2020) erupted between the sides on the night of September 12 leading to 13, when units of the Armenian armed forces carried out large-scale provocations along the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border in Dashkasan, Kalbajar, and Lachin directions.

As a result, 79 Azerbaijani armed forces personnel were killed, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said.

The Armenian government reported 207 losses among its own military personnel. Moreover, 293 soldiers and three civilians were wounded, and 20 soldiers were taken as prisoners.

Meanwhile, Armenians set fire to a forest area in Khojaly District’s Nakhchivanli village, which is temporarily controlled by the Russian peacekeepers, Azernews reports, citing the local media.

In mid-September, Armenians perpetrated a similar act by starting large wildfires in Azerbaijan's Khojaly District. The fire could be observed from the Azerbaijani army positions, as well as from various villages of the liberated Agdam District.

Previously, illegal Armenian immigrants committed similar crimes in Azerbaijan's Lachin District prior to their evacuation of the city and nearby towns under the Trilateral Declarations, signed on November 10, 2020, by the Azerbaijani, Armenian, and Russian leaders.

Following the completion of the new road bypassing Lachin, Azerbaijan has demanded Armenia leave the unlawfully occupied city and adjacent settlements by August 25.

Armenians performed the same procedures before departing Azerbaijan's Kalbajar District, which was agreed to be handed over to Azerbaijan in line with the trilateral statement by the Azerbaijani, Armenian and Russian leaders on November 10, 2020.


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