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Road to Iran leading Armenia to US sanctions

23 January 2019 13:32 (UTC+04:00)
Road to Iran leading Armenia to US sanctions

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On Feb. 13-14, Poland, at the initiative of the US, is scheduled to host an international summit on the Middle East, which in diplomatic circles has already been called “anti-Iranian.”

International analysts say that the summit will further exacerbate the contradictions between the US and the EU, since a number of European countries won’t want to join Washington’s sanctions against Iran.

Moreover, the EU intends to start implementing a number of economic projects that are actually aimed at disrupting the US sanctions policy and will contribute to its violation.

As it should have been expected, Armenia, which is ready for anything in search of means to implement its adventurous plans, may become one of the guinea pigs for disrupting anti-Iran sanctions. The new Yerevan government, striving to use political intrigues between Russia and the West, is eager to put another log on the conflict between Washington and Brussels.

In Yerevan, the news of the joint investment program being considered by the EU and the World Bank was perceived as manna from heaven. During the next 11 years, until 2030, the program is considering the allocation of 13 billion euros to the six countries participating in the EU Eastern Partnership program. Sensing the smell of money, Yerevan requested 700 million euros, which allegedly will be allocated for construction of the North-South transport corridor, thereby directly violating the US sanctions against Iran.

Everything has long been set in the projects of Yerevan dreamers, starting from the construction of roads to Iran and ending with the modernization of the Meghri border crossing point. It would be worth emphasizing that the projects included in the investment program of the EU and the World Bank actually provide for the modernization of the infrastructure from Iran to Europe, and this, of course, is taking quite scandalous nature and completely contradicts the US sanctions policy.

Yerevan, feeling that the walls were closing in, even started talking about the formation of a certain Iran-Armenia-Georgia “geopolitical axis”.

“Street geopolitical analysts of Yerevan” called their dreams “an important and significant direction for Armenia, which makes it possible to show flexibility and initiative in regional politics.” It is interesting that the day after his appointment as a prime minister, Nikol Pashinyan held an informal meeting with Prime Minister of Georgia. Intensification of contacts in the Iranian direction is also expected, and Yerevan started to talk about the organization of Pashinyan’s visit to Iran more often.

However, sober-minded international policy experts point out that Brussels desires to get a new bargaining chip in its confrontation with Washington rather than implementing the European modernization program of a road from Iran. There are opinions that the project by the EU and the World Bank on financing construction of the road to Iran may ultimately bring Armenia under US sanctions.

Elkhan Alasgarov, PhD, Head of Baku Network

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