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About remarkable role of Jewish community in Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

28 May 2018 10:26 (UTC+04:00)
About remarkable role of Jewish community in Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

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In the complex military and political situation that developed both inside and around the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1918-1920 against the background of acute geopolitical rivalry between the great powers in the entire Transcaucasus-Caspian region, the primary task facing the Cabinet of Ministers was the development and implementation of a set of important practical measures to ensure the country’s national security, head of Israel-based NGO International Projects for Society, political analyst Arye Gut, said in his article published in the Jerusalem Post.

“The national security concept of the Republic of Azerbaijan found its clearest expression in the declarations of the third, fourth and fifth Cabinet of Ministers read out from the parliamentary rostrum on 26 December 1918, 14 April and 22 December 1919.”

Gut noted that in the cause of strengthening the country’s international position the government pinned great hopes on the forthcoming participation of the Azerbaijani delegation at the Paris Peace Conference, where it was necessary to enlist the support of “free America, democratic Britain and republican France”, which favored Azerbaijan’s independence, and to secure its recognition by the world community.

“The first address to the citizens of the country already declared that both representatives of national minorities and representatives of the counties of the state are “invited to the parliament convened in the city of Baku on 3 December”. Therefore, they should be encouraged by greater tolerance, carry a greater burden and be ready for self-sacrifice,” said Gut.

He pointed out that relatively few people outside the Azerbaijan or Jewish comminities know about the remarkable role that the Jewish community has played in Azerbaijan.

“For example, a Minister of Health in the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was Jewish – Dr. Yevsey Gindes. The Director of the Central Bank in the ADR was Mark Mihailovich Aberguz, Jewish. It was fantastic that two representatives of Jewish community have been ministers in the first Azerbaijan government.”

Due to the atrocities of Armenian gangs in Karabakh and other regions of the country, “Azerbaijan” newspaper published the following: “The Jewish National Committee filed a petition with the governor of Baku for cars for free transportation of refugees – Guba Jews. Mr. Governor sympathetically treated the petition and following the measures he adopted, 27 carriages have been granted to send refugees to Khachmaz. In total, about 1,100 refugees were sent.”

At present time, the picture of the events of those years was restored and previously unknown facts about the mass massacre of the Jewish population in the city of Guba were unearthed, said the article.

“Synagogue archives have been opened and numerous testimonies of relatives of the victims were collected. A place of mass executions of Jews by Armenian gangs of Amazasp was the Shimi depression: people were delivered there in batches and tortured - women and children were raped and old people and teenagers had their noses and ears cut off. Then they were killed. At that time, according to documents and eyewitnesses, up to 3,000 Jews were killed by Dashnak gangs together with 50.000 Azerbaijanis,” Gut added.


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