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Azerbaijan upbeat about weekend lockdown

5 June 2020 15:00 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan upbeat about weekend lockdown

By Ayya Lmahamad

The head of associations for the management of medical territorial units (TABIB), Ramin Bayramli, has said that the effectiveness of the weekend lockdown in Azerbaijan will be known within 7-10 days. He also said that there is no second wave of pandemic in Azerbaijan and that the country is in the early stage of COVID-19 infections.

Addressing the briefing of the coronavirus task force under the Cabinet of Ministers on June 4, Bayramli said: “Isolation at the end of the week and on holidays is used by some countries. There is a positive result of this practice. After 7-10 days, we will be able to say what we have achieved. According to studies, a good result is predicted. People should follow the rules at the end of the week as well.”

He noted that the reason behind tightening quarantine is the epidemiological situation and the spike in the number of infected people softening of the regime.

"This is not the second wave. We are now at the initial stage of the pandemic. As we emerged from the quarantine regime, we saw that the statistical indicators change in an unexpected direction. If we show solidarity, as in the first phase, we can see the lifting of restrictions over the coming weekend. If the statistical indicators develop in a negative direction, we can move towards a long-term isolation. We do not want that,” he stressed.

Commenting on the date of the resumption of domestic flights, Bayramli stated that issue is relevant and methodological guidelines regarding such flights have been developed and approved.

"These [guidelines] include issues related to the introduction of an aircraft inspection regime, restriction of the number of passengers, laboratory tests during internal flights, particularly in Ganja and Nakhchivan. Some unconsidered points remain. Everything will be reported in the nearest future,” he emphasized.

However, he stressed that the resumption of air communication between Turkey and Azerbaijan from June 15 is still under discussion.

Furthermore, head of TABIB department Yagut Garayeva noted that serological tests are planned to be carried out in Azerbaijan to check the presence of immunity to the COVID-19.

"We are very interested in the presence of immunity, especially for citizens who fell ill and recovered after March. At the same time, research is being conducted to find out whether there were cases of infection in the country in November and December. With WHO's support, such a serological study will soon be conducted,” she said.

Additionally, head of the WHO office in Azerbaijan Hande Harmanci highlighted that Azerbaijan is an exemplary country in the fight against coronavirus. She mentioned that the country is taking all needed measures to prevent the spread of infection, especially creation of the Operational Headquarters and introducing isolation on weekend.

On June 4 a decision was taken to impose a two-day nationwide quarantine regime in four cities and Absheron region during the upcoming weekend.

A strict lockdown will be in force from 00:00 on June 6 to 06:00 on June 8.

Under the new lockdown rule, residents are banned to leave their place of residents unless there is immediate danger of life and health (emergency care will be provided by ambulance crews) and in order to attend the funeral of a close relative.

Moreover, short working day till 14:00 on Friday were introduced to the state structures, although it is also recommended that private organizations reduce their working hours as well.

In order to leave the place of residence or location on the basis specified in decision, each person must get permission by calling "102" of the Duty Part Management Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

As of June 5, Azerbaijan has registered 6.522 COVID-19 cases and 78 coronavirus- related deaths. The total number of recovered patients is 3.737.


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