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Ancient dwelling discovered in Naftalan [PHOTO]

14 September 2020 10:17 (UTC+04:00)
Ancient dwelling discovered in Naftalan [PHOTO]

By Laman Ismayilova

People across the world are traveling to Naftalan specifically to feel the healing effect of its oil.

The medicinal properties of the Naftalan oil treat more than 70 illnesses related to bones, skin and joints.

So far, Naftalan attracts tourists not only with medicinal oil, but also unique historical sites.

Ancient dwelling has been discovered near Naftalan. The dwelling in Gashalty-Garagoyunlu village was found under a hill ten meters high and an area of ​​almost five hectares, Sputnik Azerbaijan reported.

There are two meters high adobe brick walls belonging to the Eneolith at the base of the dwelling. The age of the building is six thousand years.

Another layer of the structure is associated with the Late Bronze Age - the beginning of the Iron Age. Several graves and even burials inside jugs are found there. The walls of the dwelling are dating back to the Middle Ages, the times of the Atabek State.

Archaeologists have not yet reached the last layer, but today ancient coins have been discovered there, which can help specialists establish the exact date of the construction on the upper layer of the walls.

Speaking about the site, Muzaffar Huseynov, leading researcher of the Bronze and First Iron Age Archeology Department at the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography stressed that there are many mounds near the ancient walls.

In addition, ceramics, a bracelet made of glass beads, wells have been found there. Scientists believe that that a defensive structure could have been located at this place, since the location is well chosen from the point of view of protection.

Naftalan is visited by thousands of tourists all year round and the presence of a historical monument nearby will make this place even more significant.

Apart from its recreation centers, the city has many places that are worth visiting. Here you can see a rich collection of national costumes, domestic utensils as well as exposition dedicated to the city's main symbol - Naftalan oil.

The city is also famous for the Museum of Crutches. Crutches left by tourists who came to Naftalan for treatment serve as exposition items here. After successful treatment crutches are no longer necessary, and they stay at the museum.


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Ancient dwelling discovered in Naftalan [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
Ancient dwelling discovered in Naftalan [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
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