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Production of pasta products in Azerbaijan increases

4 April 2024 14:40 (UTC+04:00)
Production of pasta products in Azerbaijan increases
Ulviyya Shahin
Ulviyya Shahin
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The production of pasta products in Azerbaijan has increased by 17%, Azernews reports, citing the State Statistical Committee.

In January-February of 2024, 1,222.5 tons of pasta products were produced in Azerbaijan.

Compared to the same period of last year, production increased by 181.5 tons or 17.4%. In January-February of last year, 1,041 tons of pasta products were produced.

There was no production of finished products as of March 1, 2024.

Comparing the current production figures with those of January- February of the preceding year, the substantial increase in pasta production becomes even more apparent. In the corresponding period of 2023, Azerbaijan produced 1,041 tons of pasta products. The significant leap in production volumes within a relatively short timeframe underscores the robust expansion and development of the country's food industry.

Furthermore, the report highlights that as of March 1, 2024, there was no production of finished pasta products. This temporal snapshot provides valuable insight into the production dynamics, indicating potential output-level fluctuations over the reporting period.

The surge in pasta production not only signifies increased economic activity within Azerbaijan's food manufacturing sector but also underscores the country's efforts to enhance self-sufficiency and meet domestic demand for staple food items. Moreover, it reflects positively on the efficiency and competitiveness of Azerbaijan's food production infrastructure, contributing to the nation's overall economic growth and stability.


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