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Armenia views issue of so-called genocide with suspicion

16 April 2024 19:44 (UTC+04:00)
Armenia views issue of so-called genocide with suspicion
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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Are the ideas about the so-called Armenian genocide true or false?

These ideas are still viewed with suspicion, even in Armenia.

For many years, Armenians have tried to show themselves as the most helpless and miserable people in sight of the world community by forging various stories and tragedies in order to draw attention and care to themselves in the geographical areas they migrated to. However, the real fact is that Armenians first migrated to Van and Erzurum provinces of Turkiye in mass and later to Azerbaijani lands, where they constantly committed riots and massacres.

The deportation of more than a hundred thousand Azerbaijanis in Yerevan and the mass killing of the rest is a separate historical fact.

Armenian politicians, diplomats, journalists, and social media users share several photos or videos depicting the so-called Armenian genocide. Of these photos, the photo "Crucified Women" attracts more attention, according to reliable sources.

Thus, Armenians share this photo as a confirmation of the so-called "genocide."

The story dates back to 1915, and the alleged ‘crucifixion’ of young women was carried out by the ‘Ottoman Empire’.

Recall that the years 1915–16 coincided with a period when the Ottoman state was weakening. At that time, the Ottoman army was expelled from the holy land, that is, from Mecca, and as a result, the leadership of Saudi Arabia formed an alliance with Great Britain.

In addition, the territories of the Ottoman state in the Balkans began to shrink. The old kingdom, which had lost the potential to fight back or conquer the territory, had neither the time nor the technical capabilities to kill a group of Armenians or commit genocide.

This period was actually an opportunity for Armenians to confirm their existence in these territories. Everyone remembers well that when Sultan Abdulhamid Khan was dethroned, some of those who surrounded him were Armenian revolutionaries.

If we look back a bit, it can be shown as a historical fact that Armenians caused uprisings and sabotage in the Tokat and Merzifon areas of Turkiye. The most violent of such provocations took place in 1892, and as a result, the provocateurs were silenced by Abdul Hamid Khan's Hamidiyya Regiment. However, the Armenians did not stay calm and continued the provocations inside the country and even attempted coups by creating cooperation with secret agents and groups of espionage coming to the country from abroad.

As for how Armenians came to the territory of Turkiye, there is a separate historical fact about it. However, everyone knows that Armenians have historically followed a policy of expansion by purposefully entering the territories of Turkiye (then Ottoman State) and Azerbaijan, causing provocations and usurping lands.

The capital city of today's Armenia is actually known as the city of Erivan, which is the historical territory of Azerbaijan. Until then, Armenians did not have a capital or ancient cities. Armenia, which claimed to establish a state over Turkish lands until the fall of the Ottoman state, later took refuge in Soviet Bolshevism due to the failure of these attacks. Thus, Armenians started to make an inrush to the east of Turkiye with their mischief.

Today, as before, Armenians are adept at exaggerating small incidents and faking so-called genocide stories. The Armenian lobby, which later tried to call the 2023 anti-terrorist operation a ‘genocide’, did not slow down its propaganda machine in this direction. However, unlike previous histories, Armenian lies, which could not overcome the technological realities of today, were stillborn. A state that calls a group of people who left Garabakh with their own volition and are still alive dead is trying to spread the story of the so-called genocide to the countries of the world by giving the status of martyrs to a group of bandits in 1915. The Armenian authorities should conduct a little deeper investigation. Because in fictional history, there may be more nuances that will raise doubts.


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