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Botched protest plan across Europe waters down hopes of Armenian separatists

29 January 2024 21:27 (UTC+04:00)
Botched protest plan across Europe waters down hopes of Armenian separatists
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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The Armenian diaspora, which is engaged in promoting separatism and spreading the so-called artsakh mentality to the world, experienced its next disgrace.

As could be expected, the "great" protest of the Armenian Diaspora, scheduled for January 27-28 in 50 European cities, gathered a small number of protesters. The latest anti-Azerbaijani statements in the European Parliament and PACE, as well as in many countries, encouraged the Armenian Diaspora to continue the idea of returning the "great Artsakh". Protests were held in Georgia (Tbilisi), France (Nice, Alforvil), and Canada (Montreal) under the slogan "Europeans for Artsakh".

However, the output of all efforts was disappointing for many of their virtual supporters across the world. Although Armenians announced that the protests would take place in many European cities with a large number of protesters, in the end, the actions took place only in a few countries with very few people involved.

Armenian Diaspora of France expected about 1000 people to participate in the protest action in Nice, France, but surprisingly not more than 50 people appeared in a large square.

In fact, this is not so surprising from a realist point of view. Because not all Armenians living in France can be considered supporters of rotten Armenian separatism. Obviously, among thousands of Armenian population, there are those who have rational thinking. For this reason, there is no one who believes in the "artsakh" ideology either outside of Armenia, or even inside the country. There are not even people who have desire to serve in military. Everything is already in plain sight, and it is not worth believing that 3-5 Armenian lobbyists by creating artificial agitation can enormously influence organizations in the Western world except for certain ones that have sold their consciences.

Nevertheless, there are still some separatist elements among the protesting Armenians who believe that through rallies and ardent actions it will be possible to achieve the release of the separatists, as well as the return of "artsakh" ideology back to Garabagh. But time has shown us that such protests do not benefit the relations between the countries and only aggravate the already tense situation in the South Caucasus. Thanks to the recent actions of France, a country allied to Armenians (resolutions, sanctions) in support of "revanchist forces", the signing of a peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia has remained in limbo for a long time.

As if France deliberately took the separatist elements of Armenia under its protection in order to bring the situation to a more critical state. However, these are the same separatists, who celebrated 30th anniversary of their occupation of Azerbaijani lands, destroyed cultural heritage, illegally exported historical relics of Azerbaijan and sold on the black market. Although Azerbaijan has offered Armenians who voluntarily left Garabagh to return and accept Azerbaijani citizenship, the protesters barely denied the truth.

Currently, the European Union has chosen to become an unconditional ally of Armenia, ignoring justice in its biased and hostile attitude towards Azerbaijan. This contradicts the stated values of the European Union and may lead to the rise of political tensions in the region. Europe's policy of inciting Armenia in the South Caucasus and hindering peace processes contradicts the principles declared by the European Union. Such a position, supporting conflicts outside its region for its own motives, creates an impression of double standards in diplomacy.

It is also worth mentioning that at one of the Armenian protests in front of the Culture Ministry of France against the newly appointed Minister of Culture Rashida Dati was brutal. The protesters vandalized the entrance with blood-like paint and scattered fake bills. Rashida Dati is one of the few French politicians who have a fair and positive attitude towards Azerbaijan. Together with other members of the European Parliament and French politicians, she has repeatedly made statements in support of Azerbaijan in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. Compared to what is going on in front of the buildings of pro-Armenian officials and ministries in France, the Armenian protest is just an inflated bubble.

Rashida Dati stated that Azerbaijan is capable and should be an example for the whole world in the future in the context of relations between religions and ethnic groups. In addition, it is known to everyone that the Armenian lobby is engaged in propaganda of separatism and revanchism. The fact that such a provocation is as dangerous as the mines buried in Garabagh is a serious threat to both European-Azerbaijani relations and security in the South Caucasus region.


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