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Azerbaijan has nothing to lose if Ottawa refuses lifting embargo on arms supply

24 January 2024 21:33 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan has nothing to lose if Ottawa refuses lifting embargo on arms supply
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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Azerbaijan's victory in the Second Garabagh War, as well as the subsequent anti-terrorist operation, served as a lesson for many countries in tactical and rapid combat. Although Armenia had a large number of tanks and artillery in its military complex, it could not resist UAV attacks. Thanks to Turkiye and its shivering UAVs, Azerbaijan could prevent all Armenian attacks and effectively conduct operations to liberate its territories from the occupation.

The whole world military complex was stunned by the helplessness of the heavy armour of Armenian tanks against the attacks of Azerbaijani UAVs. Many countries' defence structures have reconsidered the capabilities of UAV (TB2), as the use of drones came handy to reduce the cost of operations in wars. Therefore, may countries rushed to purchase and produce it. Turkish TB2 UAVs are increased in demand because of its low price, and long flight time-24 hours. During Azerbaijan's 44-day war with Armenia, the Canadian authorities, due to the pressures from the Armenian lobbies, supported Armenia and embargoed Turkiye on the supply of UAV engines. The decision resulted in irreparable losses for the local company Telemus Systems, but not for the Turkish company Baykar Makina, which produces TB2 drones. Although deliveries of these drones to Azerbaijan stopped, it did not change the outcome of events. Despite many efforts to block they way of supply for UAVs, the separatist clan in Garabagh was finished once and forever.

During the Second Garabagh War, Armenians managed to shoot down several TB2 UAVs, and as a result they carried out "research" to find out how Baykar could produce relatively cheap UAVs. The Armenian National Committee of America published a report, which allegedly contains photos of parts and components used in the production of the downed drone, including the American navigation system, Garmin.

Garmin said its products were "not intended for military use" and added that it was in talks with its dealers to stop supplying Baykar navigation systems.

In October 2020, Canada also suspended sales to Turkiye of optronic components manufactured by Ontario-based Wescam (a subsidiary of US firm L3Harris) after they were found by Armenians in a downed TB2 drone.

The report also lists two possibly British-made components: a fuel pump made by Andair, a Hampshire-based company with a clearly labelled company name, and an ammunition attachment and ejection system that was first developed in the UK by another L3Harris subsidiary, Brighton-based EDO MBM Technology, although Baykar said it has since developed its own model of the system.

True to its traditions, the Armenian lobby around the world is invested in all sorts of propaganda against the people of Turkish nationals, and this is the reason for the Canadian embargo, recalling the pro-Armenian statements of American presidential candidates and all sorts of institutions like "Lemkin".

Now, the Armenian National Committee of Canada is expressing deep "concern" over recent reports that Canada may lift its arms embargo on Turkiye as part of a larger deal in exchange for approval of Sweden's entry into NATO.

"This potential move is particularly troubling in light of Canada's recent history of arms exports to Turkiye." the statement said.

In its own unvarying manner, Armenia's ANCC (Armenian National Committee of Canada) stating dictates, terms to Canada that "Canada must not be complicit in Turkish-Azerbaijani war crimes by contributing to the expansion of their military arsenals.

"Ottawa should go beyond cancellation and impose a comprehensive ban on arms sales to Ankara, not abolish them," the aforementioned statement reads.

It is noticeable that the news has not reached the ANCC or they are ignoring it, where Telemus Systems went bankrupt after Canada's embargo on Turkiye, and for Canada and its industry, that loss is unnecessary.

Turkiye will anyway be able to produce drones even without components, and will no longer need to buy them from the third party. It is important to recall that some pro-Armenian authorities in Canada have repeatedly stated and condemned Azerbaijan for what it did not do, and played the same "Armenian duduk".

Canada taking such a step shows the importance of the NATO alliance's commitment to Sweden's accession. The only thing that remains is the right of approval by NATO member Turkiye for Sweden to join NATO, which is in question at the moment, and for good reason. Provocations with burning of the Quran, the holy book for Muslims and the Islamic world, mainly in Scandinavian countries, do not cease.

To date, in Sweden, a member of the far-right nationalist party "Sweden Democrats" (Sverigedemokraterna), Richard Yumshof, has made a proposal to ban symbols of Islam.

"The Sweden Democrats have long and loudly expressed the view that Islam is a threat to Swedish society and the Western world as a whole. At party days in November, party leader Jimmy Åkesson declared that "mosques where anti-democratic extremism thrives should be demolished."

"Muslim symbols such as the crescent moon and minarets should be removed from public view," Åkesson said.

His party colleague Richard Jumshof expresses similar thoughts in an interview with the Aftonbladet newspaper. Like Åkesson, he draws a parallel between Islam and Islamism. Asked whether a symbol such as the crescent moon could become illegal in the same way as the swastika, Jumshof answers in the affirmative.

Turkiye has nothing to lose even if Canada cancels lifting the embargo, as it has everything it needs to produce an independent military complex. Possible provocations by Armenia will continue, often using the pressure and connections of the Armenian lobby in the West. On the other hand, the Swedish authorities will probably continue to resort to burning the holy book and provocations, as well as to the revival of a new "Crusade" against the Islamic world.


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