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Yerevan is attempting another provocation by claiming compensation - MP

23 October 2023 17:30 (UTC+04:00)
Yerevan is attempting another provocation by claiming compensation - MP

By Afag Huseynova, AZERNEWS

The Armenian leadership and especially the Armenian diaspora in foreign countries want to come up with fictitious "compensation demands" against Azerbaijan, which have no legal, moral and logical basis.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has said three times in his speeches and statements that "Armenians living in Garabagh have the right to demand compensation from Azerbaijan in connection with the migration, forced displacement and ethnic cleansing they suffered." Of course, other representatives of the Armenian authorities immediately began to repeat this narrative. Later, the Armenian diaspora in foreign countries joined the word game. Not only Armenian officials, politicians, public figures, but also leaders of diaspora organizations, social activists and even bloggers have decided to "develop the idea" and keep the idea "Baku must pay compensation" as one of the main issues on the agenda.

The aggression of the Armenian armed forces on the lands of Azerbaijan did not result only in the occupation of Garabagh and Zangazur. It is an undeniable fact that as a result of the terrorist act carried out by the Armenian army and its illegal military units against Azerbaijan, property damage in the amount of 100 billion dollars was caused to Azerbaijan, thousands of people were killed, maimed and disappeared.

In addition, in the second Garabagh war, a large number of our soldiers were killed, the military property of the state was damaged, 94 people were killed, more than 400 people were injured and nearly 5000 buildings were razed to the ground as a result of the attacks on the cities near the former contact line. For all this, compensation should be demanded from Armenia.

Moreover, considering that human life is not replaced by any compensation, it is needless to say what other consequences this will have for Armenia.

In fact, on the other hand, the fact that Armenia left Khankendi without causing any damage to material resources and properties caused great surprise in the public. Because it has never been encountered in practice. Everyone saw how Armenians burned their houses and even forests when they left Kalbajar, Gubadli, Zangilan and Lachin back in 2020-2021 and 2022. It means that this is not an indicator of humanism, it is just a purposeful plan against Azerbaijan.

In order to discuss the issue related to the new campaign of Armenians against Azerbaijan, we learned the opinions of Azerbaijani historian, deputy professor Musa Gasimli.

In his comment to AZERNEWS, the deputy called such claim of Armenia absolutely illegal.

"There is no legal and political basis for Armenia to open any compensation case against Azerbaijan. Because the Armenians who left the Garabagh economic region of Azerbaijan went comfortably in their private cars and buses.

The government of Azerbaijan did not put any pressure on them. Azerbaijan said that it protects the property and life security of every person who accepts the citizenship of Azerbaijan.

Since those who voluntarily left, there is no legal prospect of opening any compensation case against Azerbaijan. But Armenia will always try to keep this issue on the agenda for propaganda and political purposes. That's because, after the claim for compensation, Armenia can again bring the issues of groundless territorial claim and fabricated genocide to the agenda. However, Armenia should not forget that the Azerbaijanis who are currently returning to their historical lands have been subjected to violence since 1988, brutally deported from their homes, many of them lost their lives in the cold and frost. I think that Azerbaijan has the right to open a compensation case against Armenia," M. Gasimli said.

At the same time, the professor justified the illegitimacy of granting the status of refugees or internally displaced persons to Garabagh Armenians who voluntarily left Azerbaijan for Armenia and continue to leave.

He noted that those persons cannot be considered refugees or internally displaced people because they left for their own pleasure.

"For this, Armenia should read the 1954 Geneva Convention well!

Western Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia were forcibly expelled. Otherwise, no one expelled the Armenians who left our territories. They conveniently took all their valuables away. They were also provided with water and food on the way thanks to the generosity of the Azerbaijani police. Otherwise, their claims have no legal basis," the MP stressed.

At the same time, the historian justified the Armenian crimes by clarifying the death of a large number of our soldiers in both the First Garabagh and the Second Garabagh war, damage to citizens' property, historical and national monuments, and other issues.

"During the 30-year Armenian invasion, Azerbaijanis were expelled from the territories recognized by the international community of the Republic of Azerbaijan and became internally displaced persons. They lived a rich life, but Armenians looted the properties of the Azerbaijanis, who became IDPs, and turned their houses into ruins.

In addition to all this, Armenia looted the natural resources of Azerbaijan and made money for companies at the expense of Azerbaijan. For this reason, it is considered a more adequate step for Azerbaijan to file a compensation case against Armenia," Musa Gasimli added.


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