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Ali Hasanov: Whole world saw Armenians' vandalism in Jojug Marjanli

21 September 2017 15:07 (UTC+04:00)
Ali Hasanov: Whole world saw Armenians' vandalism in Jojug Marjanli

By Rashid Shirinov

The liberation of Azerbaijan’s Jojug Marjanli village from the Armenian occupation and its restoration has become a historic milestone for the country. The Jojug Marjanli village is now viewed as the beginning of the Great Return of Azerbaijanis into their native lands.

The Jojug Marjanli village located in Jabrail region of Azerbaijan has suffered a lot from the Armenian aggression. The village and its houses were destroyed because of fierce fighting, while its residents were forced to live a refugee life in other regions of Azerbaijan.

After 23 years, the life has returned to the Jojug Marjanli village, which welcomed its residents in July 2017.

The Great Return of Azerbaijanis into their native lands was launched with Jojug Marjanli, said Ali Hasanov, Azerbaijan’s Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the State Committee for Refugees and IDPs.

Hasanov made the remark at presentation of the book “Ilham Aliyev returned us to Jojug Marjanli” and the movie “Beginning of the Great return – Jojug Marjanli” in Baku on September 21.

Addressing the event, Hasanov reminded that a part of the Azerbaijani lands occupied by Armenians in the 1990s was released during the Horadiz operation in 1994 and counteroffensive operation in April 2016.

In 1994, Azerbaijani Armed Forces liberated over 20 villages from the Armenian occupation, including Jojug Marjanli , and Horadiz settlement – today’s Horadiz city. In 2016, following a successful counteroffensive operation, the Leletepe height was freed, making life in Jojug Marjanli safe for people. This was followed by restoration and construction works, the first stage of which has been completed.

“President Ilham Aliyev signed decrees on the restoration of the Jojug Marjanli village. Some residents have already returned to their homes, and construction of new houses continues,” Hasanov said.

During the first phase of restoration, 50 private houses, a school, mosque, electric substation, hydrometeorological station, highway and other relevant infrastructure were constructed in Jojug Marjanli. The village was provided with gas, electricity and water supply.

The second phase of restoration work in the village started on June 15, after President Ilham Aliyev signed another decree. Currently construction of 100 more new houses is ongoing in the village.

Hasanov further reminded that representatives of the media, and then foreign ambassadors visited the liberated Jojug Marjanli. The foreign guests saw firsthand the atrocities committed in the village that was under Armenian occupation, and the whole world knew about the Armenian vandalism, he stressed.

Hasanov noted that peoples of both Armenia and Azerbaijan are tired of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, further adding that the Armenians should get rid of the Sargsyan regime.

“This regime will never agree to the settlement of the conflict, as it came to power, having shed blood of the Azerbaijani people and occupied Azerbaijani territories,” said the official.

The Armenian occupants continue to illegally remain in other territories of Azerbaijan. More than a million of Azerbaijanis who lost their homes and families due to Armenian aggression, are waiting for the day to return to their native lands.

For about three decades Armenia and Azerbaijan are in a state of war following Yerevan’s aggression, ethnic cleansing policy and illegal territorial claims against Azerbaijan. Armenia keeps under control over 20 percent of Azerbaijan's internationally recognized territory, including Nagorno-Karabakh and seven adjacent regions in a brutal war in the early 1990s.

Despite a fragile ceasefire agreement signed in 1994, Armenia keeps violating armistice with Azerbaijan.


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