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Recognizing Armenia's independence is contingent on the latter leaving Karabakh - expert

29 March 2023 11:59 (UTC+04:00)
Recognizing Armenia's independence is contingent on the latter leaving Karabakh - expert
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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Armenia is not interested in the restoration of peace and stability in the region and the acceleration of the ongoing development processes in Karabakh. It is reflected by Armenia’s counter efforts in many issues, especially in the current processes related to Azerbaijan’s proposal for negotiations with Armenian community in Karabakh.
The Azerbaijani government, on the contrary, is trying to make corrections to Yerevan's misbehavior. Thus, official Baku once again demonstrated a constructive position and invited representatives of Armenians living in Karabakh to Baku for the second time to discuss reintegration and infrastructure issues.
Adhering to its position, the Azerbaijani government fulfills its duties towards the normalization of relations with Armenia and tries to establish direct contacts with the Armenians of Karabakh. President Ilham Aliyev clearly stated this in Munich - two processes must be carried out, one is a peace treaty with Armenia, and the other is direct contacts with local Armenians.
However, the Armenian side, sticking to its tradition, left this offer unanswered. This demonstrates the non-constructive attitude of both Armenian government and the Armenians living in Karabakh to the issues on the agenda and the development of contacts, and also shows that they do not draw conclusions from the current situation.
As the President of Azerbaijan noted, they had no other way out. They should either continue the contacts and accept the reintegration process by showing constructiveness in this matter, or they should leave the area. There is no perspective of the current situation and no third way to solve the problem.

In his interview with Azernews, Pakistani political analyst, a regional expert on Central Asia & the South Caucasus, Dr Mehmood ul Hassan Khan commented on the situation between Azerbaijan and Armenia. He pointed out the public diplomacy as a resolutive option to dispel some obstructions on the way to peace.

"Azerbaijan has been famous for multiculturalism, ethnic diversity, tolerance, interfaith harmony and socio-economic prosperity for its entire people even for the other communities living on its soil for centuries.

Unfortunately, hangover of distrust, disharmony, destruction and discrimination has been the hallmark of Armenian side which has been the stumbling block in the regional peace, stability and harmony.

As mentioned by the Azerbaijani leader, Armenia has lost all chances to become an independent country in the region by making itself totally dependent. That is why it is less interested in achieving peace and reintegration of the Armenian community in Karabakh. However, the negotiation between Azerbaijan and the Armeninan community in Karabakh could be through promoting the public diplomacy, economic incentives, social protection and mutual respect for interfaith harmony along with Azerbaijan’s guarantee for the community to agree to achieve win-win peaceful co-existence in these areas. Even sports diplomacy and reconciliatory efforts from both sides may open new window of cooperation and coordination. Last but not least, religious diplomacy may heal the wounds and gearing both sides and communities to inching towards greater good cause in the days to come."

The pundit also touched on the recent initiative of the Western Azerbaijan Community in respect of calling Armenian government to respond their request to return their native lands. The analyst pointed the late 1980s, through the time that Armenia started ethnic cleansing and mass deportation of Azerbaijanis from Western Azerbaijan, which is presently the Armenian Republic. He also blamed the Armenian leadership's recent denial of the the historical facts about Azerbaijanis that have lived in the presently Armenian territory.

Besides, the expert spoke about the Pakistan-Azerbaijani friendship and opined the role of Pakistan in resolving the conflict.

"Pakistan is the only country in the world that does not recognize Armenia as a state. And the primary cause of this has been Armenia's occupation of Karabakh which is part of Azerbaijan's sovereign territory. Even in 2015, Pakistan declared that recognizing Armenia's independence is contingent on the latter leaving Karabakh.

As regards our partnership, Pakistan may extend its peaceful role for removing all the psychological, social, political and even economic barriers to achieve the true spirits of peaceful co-existence between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

It would not be an easy task to promote spirits of cooperation and coordination between two sides having diverging positions and notions of the centuries, however, track-II diplomacy should give a chance to achieve this goal through 3Ds policy comprising of dialogue, diplomacy and development."


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