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France's dangerous plan: Armenia in search of another adventure

18 October 2023 22:50 (UTC+04:00)
France's dangerous plan: Armenia in search of another adventure

By Afag Huseynova, AZERNEWS

During the Patriotic War, France's comprehensive support for Armenia was openly implemented. There was even such a situation that it was not spiritually Armenia that participated in the war, but France. In a word, the world saw France as more pro-Armenian than Armenians. Unfortunately, the same situation continues. France is trying to arm Armenia in the political arena, even by inciting it to war.

"The sale of arms to Armenia is on France's agenda."

French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu said this in the Senate (the upper house of the parliament) during the discussion of the country's defense budget.

"The head of state (Emmanuel Macron) has clearly defined that our agenda is the sale of defense weapons because that is what our discussions with Armenia are about," Lekornu said.

Fikret Sadiqov: Rusiya Bas Qerargah reisi ve NATO Herbi Komite sedrinin Bakidaki gorusu Azerbaycanin regionda ve dunyada imicini artiracaq

Fikret Sadigov, a well-known political scientist and diplomat, professor of the Western-Caspian University, commented on the issue for Azernews.

He said that France's first goal in intervening in the South Caucasus is to deprive Russia of all opportunities related to the region.

"I can say that the goal is clear - the goal is to distance Russia from the region, to create a new "platform" for themselves here, and to threaten Azerbaijan and Turkiye," the professor said.

At the same time, F. Sadigov touched on the issue of Armenia completely separating from Russia and becoming subordinate to the West.

"This is a very difficult issue. I can say that Armenia is so closely connected with Russia that it can be a very difficult issue, either in terms of military technology, transport, energy, and other aspects. If France wants to cooperate with Armenia in parallel and continues to supply arms to this country, this will already cause Russia's irritation. This may also lead to a new tension between Russia and France," the political scientist said.

The professor also clarified the fact that international organizations are indifferent to arming Armenia.

"There is nothing new for us. For 30 years, we have already seen tense relations with the adoption of the biased anti-Azerbaijani and unfair resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, both within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group and within the framework of international organizations. The attitude of the West towards Azerbaijan and Turkiye is very subjective. Not only is it subjective, but it is clearly an unfair position. Therefore, I think that the West will always take a neutral position on this issue.

In general, the West wants to take Armenia under its wing and create a "hotbed of tension" against Russia. Of course, Azerbaijan's victory, Azerbaijan's raising Azerbaijan's national flag in Khankendi, and the simultaneous departure of Armenians from Garabagh is an excuse for them to take a tough stance against us," F.Sadigov stressed.

The pundit also commented on the information spread by the French Minister of Defense on the social media about arming Armenia.

I think it is clear that the pro-Armenian views of France and French officials, the resolutions, and statements of the PACE inspire Armenia and put forward an idea as an excuse not to sign an agreement with Azerbaijan. At one time, in order to solve the Garabagh issue, Pashinyan suggested that it be implemented within the framework of the international mechanism. Today, we entered Garabagh, Khankendi, and raised our flag and coat of arms there. I think that now they will find a new excuse. Already today in Yerevan, ideas are being voiced that will cause obstacles to the opening of the Zangazur corridor by Azerbaijan, such as the expulsion of ethnic Armenians from there, and ethnic cleansing. Of course, they will use all this as a new excuse against us," the expert concluded.


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