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FM Gabrielius needs to learn geography rather than meddle in Garabagh issue, expert says

11 August 2023 18:30 (UTC+04:00)
FM Gabrielius needs to learn geography rather than meddle in Garabagh issue, expert says
Rena Murshud
Rena Murshud
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A few days ago, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis expressed his admiration towards Armenians with his supportive post on his Twitter. He allegedly expressed concern about the "grave humanitarian consequences" of "blocking" the Lachin road and as well as demanding unhindered movement in accordance with the order of the ICJ.

The question arises of what serious humanitarian consequences can be discussed if Armenia is engaged in contraband and illegal transportation of weapons through the Lachin State Border Checkpoint.

But this is not the point, but the fact that making such a statement, "Mister" Gabrielius Landsbergis forgot what was happening in Kaliningrad. Or rather, international pressure on Slavic residents living in the Baltic countries; non-systemic politics, as well as the sad situation in the humanitarian sphere for Slavic-speaking speakers abroad. The most horrifying moment is that parents cannot send their children to schools, and the population that does not speak Lithuanian is not provided with medical and social assistance. Also, compared to previous years, the number of Slavic inhabitants in the area has decreased significantly. In addition, residents are forbidden to speak Russian anywhere except in churches.

And the question is asked, Dear Landsbergis, do you understand what you are talking about? On what grounds can a Lithuanian official demand from another country actions to which his own country does not comply?

The AZERNEWS editorial turned to a Belarusian political analyst, an expert of the Belarusian pro-presidential public association "Belaya Rus", Petr Petrovsky, who could comment on this topic in more detail.

"I don't think Mr. Landsbergis is considering any evidence. I even have great doubts that he knows what Lachin Road is and where it is generally located. Because he does not conduct an independent foreign policy, he fully acts according to the instructions on which he is dictated from abroad."

According to the Belarusian expert, Lithuania is formally independent, but in fact a non-sovereign state dependent on external financial and military assistance from western countries. Therefore, it cannot be said that, with such statements, the FM somehow analyzed the situation or understood what was happening there. In general, we should question the extent to which Minister Landsbergis knows the geography of the countries of the world, where Garabagh and the Lachin road are located, and possibly even Azerbaijan and Armenia. Therefore, we must question the competence of those people who today work in the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania.

Further, Petr Petrovsky told us how every year the external political course and the level of diplomacy of Lithuania fundamentally degraded. It got to the point that the Republic of Lithuania recognized Taiwan de facto, and relations with the People's Republic of China deteriorated sharply. Cared for the rights of the Uighurs, Mongols, and other minorities in China. Although, for example, it undermined its economy by actually destroying the transit of Chinese products through its territory under the Belt and Road program.

"As for the issues of nationality within Lithuania, the expression of certain moments of criticism against other countries, including Azerbaijan, is not the first case. Lithuania itself has its own ethnic problems, for example, the infringement of the rights of the Slavic-speaking population; the issue is not only with the Russian-speaking community but also the Polish population. There is a struggle with signs in different languages. Let me remind you that in Lithuania itself there are areas where Lithuanians constitute an ethnic minority," Petr Petrovsky emphasized.

And in conclusion, the expert spoke about the requirements from Azerbaijan, which the Lithuania itself does not comply with in the Kaliningrad region.

"And as for the violation of the transit potential between the Kaliningrad region of Russia and Belarus, as well as attempts to block the borders between Lithuania & Belarus, and Lithuania & Russia, all this suggests that Lithuanian foreign policy is not independent and not sovereign, but is a conductor of the policy of their overseas masters, first of all, Great Britain and the US are fused to escalate conflicts, support conflicts, and not solve them. We see all this in foreign policy both in the region and in the world as a whole," Petr Petrovsky added.


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