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Armenia's knotty diplomacy: what made Pashinyan rush to Moscow?

8 May 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Armenia's knotty diplomacy: what made Pashinyan rush to Moscow?
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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Thus, the meeting between the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Washington, mediated by the United States, ends on a neutral line. Although some progress was seen in the joint agreements between the parties with the initiative of the United States, it was not possible for both sides to achieve the maximum result. To put it more clearly, the Armenian side cannot achieve the result that would satisfy its imaginary wishes regarding Karabakh at the meeting in Washington.

In fact, when Ararat Mirzoyan came to the meeting, Yeravan was aware of Baku's resolutiveness and determination in the negotiations. All issues related to Karabakh have already been closed by the declaration of November 10, 2020. Although a group of people who declared themselves a so-called government in the territory of Azerbaijan did not digest this, the Armenian authorities are trying to show that they are not inactive by simply making an effort.
Unfortunately, Armenia's senseless resistance seriously hinders the peace process, which is desired only by Azerbaijan. Sometimes, with its absurd demands, the Armenian behaves like a child and tries to blame Baku for what it has not achieved. Sometimes citing the residents of Karabakh as an excuse, and sometimes bringing up the issue of the Armenian criminals imprisoned for terrorism after the Patriotic War, the Yerevan authorities try to spoil the negotiation process by creating a chaos in the middle. It is clear that Pashinyan and his entourage are trying to gain time with these kinds of political games. However, Armenia forgets one issue, that as the games are repeated, it takes away both its rating and its tiny chance. Because the Azerbaijani side can be patient with such games of Armenia to a certain extent. In the end, this may end with an unexpected result...

In general, it is not difficult to characterize Armenia's current political position. Whether it is Azerbaijan, or the West and Russia, which it hopes for help, Armenia is a professional in turning its back on any side. The poor government begs for help from the West, but it does secret things behind sanctions to appease Russia. This action is a political maneuver unique to Armenia. It is clear that Pashinyan, who is not completely satisfied with Washington, is now leaning towards Moscow. This was confirmed by Armenian local media reports that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has planned to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin next week. It is also important to note that Armenian media has circulated news about Nikol Pashinyan’s quick plan to meet with Vladimir Putin in Moscow next week. However, Armenian sources confirm that prior to Pashinyan’s plan to meet Putin, French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna had announced the possibility of a meeting between Pashinyan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in Chisinau.

As regards the planned meeting between Nikol Pashinyan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, it was supposed to take place on June 1 as part of the summit of the European Political Community in the capital of Moldova. Moreover, the same source reports that the expected meeting in Moscow is being held with the aim of reaching a possible agreement in Chisinau, so that the forthcoming document would be acceptable to the Russian side in a certain way.

Such a policy actually gives Armenia a pitiful image and demonstrates that Pashinyan keeps playing a cunning political game. Yeravan simply does not understand that the official Baku is very well aware of such premeditated attempts. But what is the point behind Pashinyan's hasty departure to Moscow after the Washington meeting?
Of course, a serious result in favor of Armenia was not expected in the past meeting, where the USA was just trying to show its presence. In order to win Russia's consent before the meeting with the Azerbaijani side in Moldova, and as a result to get a little support from Russia after the meeting, Pashinyan is trying to go to Moscow taking some papers to present to the head of the Kremlin. Probably, Pashinyan intends to share the pain of the checkpoint on the Lachin road in Moscow. The main thing is that Pashinyan can play all kinds of games.

The Prime Minister forgets that Azerbaijan has full right to make any decisions in its sovereign territory. As for peacekeepers, Pashinyan again forgets the main issue - as the saying goes: Better a nearby friend than a distant family. Although the Armenia is incompetent in the neighborhood...


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