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There was no "Armenian genocide"; in fact, the victims are Turks - US lawyer [VIDEO]

7 May 2023 14:30 (UTC+04:00)
There was no "Armenian genocide"; in fact, the victims are Turks - US lawyer [VIDEO]

There was no "Armenian genocide". In fact, the victims are Turks.

This was stated by former legal adviser in the administration of US President Ronald Reagan Bruce Fein. His words are quoted by the Türkiye newspaper, Azernews reports.

It is extremely interesting that the famous lawyer mentions the research on Armenian lies and especially the facts related to the issue of the so-called Armenian genocide.

According to Fein, President Ronald Reagan commissioned him and a group of others to conduct research on events that took place in the Ottoman Empire.

"We conducted an investigation, we were able to get to various documents of those times, stored in the archives of European countries and the Empire. Having studied all the data, we came to the conclusion that the allegations of Armenians about the" genocide "are unfounded and are an invention of Armenian historians. We should not forget that in In those days, all ethnic and religious minorities on the territory of the Ottoman Empire enjoyed the same privileges as the Turks themselves. Greeks, Armenians, Kurds, Circassians, Arabs and other minorities occupied quite high positions in the state," the ex-adviser noted.

In his statement to the foreign media, the former diplomat noted that Armenians are not only treacherous to other nations, but also to themselves. He recalled that during the First World War, local Armenians betrayed their homeland and went over to the side of the enemy. Armenian military units fought shoulder to shoulder with the Russian army on the Caucasian front.

"As a result, about 2 million people lost their lives. Despite everything, the Turkish side allowed us to look through all the archives, and the Armenians categorically refused to do so. In my opinion, the truth will come out if someone can look through these archives. Then the Armenians I will have to apologize to the whole world, in particular to the Turks, for the historical lie," Fein added.

Besides, in one of his early interviews to foreign media outlets, the American lawyer had criticized remarks of President Joe Biden calling 1915 events "genocide," saying it was a political statement and had nothing to do with the law.

According to him, among all the relevant powers in World War I, only Armenia had kept the archives secret, and it arouse a question - what Armenia is hiding?


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