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Turkiye's home-grown TOGG, soon to go into production, is on display in Istanbul

21 July 2022 15:39 (UTC+04:00)
Turkiye's home-grown TOGG, soon to go into production, is on display in Istanbul

By Mehmet Ali Parto

Turkiye’s home-grown electric car - TOGG, being showcased in the USA, has been on display at Istanbul's Zorlu Mall, Yeni Shafak newspaper reports.

The car has drawn great attention for its unique design and technical advancements. The door locks in the concept, which lack a middle pillar, are at the bottom of the side skirts. The aluminum alloy wheels have a tulip motif, which is one of TOGG's insignia. The vehicle will go into mass production next year.

The sedan version of TOGG, being showcased at Istanbul's Zorlu Mall in Istanbul, was initially introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2022 in the United States in January.

Long queues formed in front of the showcased car, which was well-liked by visitors. The design of the car stunned many who photographed it. People, who had the opportunity to examine the car, expressed pleasure about the homegrown car, voicing wishes to see it on the road as soon as possible.

People were captivated by the domestic automobile. Those, who took pictures and extensively examined TOGG, emphasized that the automobile is fascinating and is of a fantastic design. Visitors commended the car's attractive appearance as well as its technical features, stating that the luxuries in the vehicle are not even available in many well-known brands.

Turkiye's domestic electric vehicle - TOGG will be on display for three months at Zorlu mall.

TOGG, which set out with the goal of developing a worldwide brand with 100 percent domestic intellectual and industrial property and forming the foundation of the Turkish mobility ecosystem, will be ready for mass production in the fourth quarter of 2022. The electric SUV in the C segment will be brought to the market by the end of the first quarter of 2023, following the completion of international technical certification testing.

Then, in the C segment, sedan and hatchback models will go into production. With the addition of the B-SUV and C-MPV to the family in the next years, the product range will be completed with five models. The company plans to build one million automobiles in five distinct types by 2030.

Kenan Kutluer, one of the visitors, said: “I was very excited when the TOGG brand was introduced to the public in 2019. The car in the images reveals TOGG's technology. Appearing concept design and features reveal the future of an ambitious model in the Fastback segment. I really liked it and was excited. It is already clear that TOGG will be very different from other carmakers.”

“The vehicle is truly magnificent. We needed one for years, and now we have it. We are a proud nation. The car is very elegant and aesthetic. They undoubtedly created a vehicle capable of competing with major automobile manufacturers. We will see it everywhere once it is in mass production. I hope the price will be affordable so that we can use it," another visitor, Gokhan Senturk (37), remarked.

“I saw the car closely. The automobile is really stunning. As someone who has extensively examined a Tesla car, I can state that it is a more attractive vehicle than Tesla. When it gets into mass production, I believe there will be a high demand. We are also excited about the pricing. I hope to see this car on the road soon,” Ergun Guler (41), a visitor, said.


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