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Official: Armenia's revanchist forces must accept new realities formed in region

10 November 2022 15:30 (UTC+04:00)
Official: Armenia's revanchist forces must accept new realities formed in region

By Sabina Mammadli

The revanchist forces in Armenia and the foreign circles patronizing them must accept the new realities that have formed in the region, Chief of the State Security Service (SSS) of Azerbaijan, Col-Gen Ali Naghiyev said, Azernews reports.

He made the remarks in an article published in the Azerbaijan newspaper.

Ali Naghiyev underlined that if Armenia does not refrain from all dirty actions which can pose a threat to Azerbaijan's security, adding that "it must take into account, as the president said, that the Iron Fist is still there".

He also added that the Armenian fascism had been destroyed, but its signs remain.

"This is a very dangerous trend, first of all, for the Armenian state. I said this, and I say it again, if we see that Armenian fascism raises its head and a new source of danger emerges for our people and state, we’ll crush it again immediately. Let everyone know! The Iron Fist is there, and no one should forget that!" the SSS chief emphasized.

Moreover, he highlighted that large-scale cyber attacks by Armenia were successfully prevented during the second Karabakh War.

"Azerbaijan's State Security Service, mobilizing all forces and means to prevent terrorist and provocative plans and intentions of the enemy, provided comprehensive support within the limits of its authority, contributing to the victory of the Azerbaijani army," he said.

Ali Naghiyev stated that the timely obtained intelligence played a crucial role in preventing the enemy's attacks, conducting successful combat operations by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, and liberation of certain settlements with minimal losses.

Further, he stressed that the tasks arising from the service activities are successfully carried out by local bodies and departments of the State Security Service established in the liberated lands.

"For the employees of the State Security Service, who always feel the attention and care of President Ilham Aliyev, all conditions for the effective, flexible, and operational organization of service in the territorial bodies in the liberated from occupation lands, as well as in other cities and regions of Azerbaijan, the material and technical support is provided at the highest level," Naghiyev said.

He noted that this is yet another vivid embodiment of the president's confidence in the personnel of the State Security Service.

"We assure the president and our people that the personnel of the State Security Service will continue to resolutely prevent any threats aimed at the territorial integrity, sovereignty of our state, public and political stability, and security atmosphere in the country, and will continue to mobilize all forces and means, performing their official duties with dignity and integrity, will always be vigilant on guard of our statehood and independence!" Nagiyev said.


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