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West remains tight-lipped about human rights violations in Armenia

6 May 2022 17:35 (UTC+04:00)
West remains tight-lipped about human rights violations in Armenia

Today, justice, rooted in ancient history, is going through tough times, Baku-based website has reported.

Despite the past millennia, it often becomes more and more difficult to achieve it, as the double standards established by the West violate basic democratic principles. International organizations or individuals, which are involved in the propaganda campaign of Western democracy, are acting in an unfair, biased, or fundamentally wrong way.

This is especially palpable in comparison with the recent events in Armenia. The turbulent situation due to protests has been going on for over a week in the phony state. Human rights are violated there every day. These particularly include illegal arrests and the use of brute force by the police. The West openly and unashamedly turns a blind eye to the brutal dispersal of the crowd and violations of human rights in Armenia.

Human rights have always been respected in Azerbaijan, but the bitter experience with double standards suggests that Western circles deliberately try to exaggerate any event in our peaceful country, no matter how insignificant. It is no doubt that if a similar situation had taken place here, Western society would have now been relentlessly critical and raised hysteria. Meanwhile, in Armenia, which is in tatters, rallies, arrests, and violence are occurring every day, but the West is not reacting to it, as if blind. Moreover, there was no condemnation even when the prime minister's motorcade knocked down a pregnant woman to death in the middle of an empty road.

Indeed, Western tendencies to condemn some and complete ignorance of violations of others have a strange, illogical pattern. For instance, against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine, any country that comes into contact with sanctions-imposed Russia becomes a target of the United States - some restrictions or threats are also introduced against them. China is a prime example of this. Meanwhile, Armenia openly supports separatists in Ukraine, Armenian flags are raised in Russian military units, pro-Russian rallies are held in Yerevan, Armenia exists on Russian money, and there is no reaction from the US and the West.

Instead of condemning Armenia in line with other countries, Americans invite Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan to discuss mutual cooperation. What kind of cooperation can impoverished Armenia have with the USA? The question is rhetorical, because, first, none (the Biden administration is simply acting for the Armenian audience that voted for him), and second, no one has forgotten the so-called “democracy summit”. Everyone, especially Russia, remembers very vividly how enthusiastically the Armenian prime minister will participate in it, despite the fact that Russia has repeatedly made it clear that it would not want to see any of its CSTO allies in this anti-Russian and anti-Chinese summit.

Armenia'scrimes against Azerbaijanis and territories have also escaped condemnation. There is no pressure on Yerevan to leave their worthless revanchist thoughts or not to slow the peace process that Azerbaijan proposes for the benefit of the entire region.

As one can see, the West never applies sanctions against Armenia. On the contrary, Western officials and politicians make trips there and carry out various events. Their goal is clear - they try to make this self-proclaimed and artificially created third Armenian "republic" live, assert itself and prove to the global community that it is a viable "state".

Double standards have become an integral part of Western policy in the last few decades. For some reason, there is an opinion in the West that they have built the most humanistic system that has ever existed on our planet. Their system of values includes respect and strengthening the rights of minorities, which is all good, but because of the one-sided approach, it often leads to excesses.

The creator of such a system definitely needs an enemy. And as a rule, developing countries pursuing an independent foreign policy take this role, being accused of violating human rights only because they need a reason to exert political pressure.

Double standards are a weapon that Western democracies use widely and overtly against our country. And they have for a while now. Since gaining independence, Azerbaijan has fallen victim to the countries of the "civilized world", European and international structures.

The West does not approve of the fact that developing countries pursue an independent foreign and domestic policy, and do not want to fall into anyone's sphere of influence. They like to poke their nose into other people's affairs and pretend to be a "hotbed of democracy".

But before even attempting this, it is necessary to return to the fundamental principles of international law, and develop and set up mechanisms for the implementation of adopted decrees, decisions, or resolutions of international structures. And all these decisions must be respected by all members of the international community, going as far as exclude from international structures the ones who violate these principles. And the first in the list of these countries, in view of the many violations of human rights, international law, and crimes against humanity, should be Armenia.


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