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ASUS Introduces perfect ROG and TUF Gaming Notebooks

8 December 2023 11:00 (UTC+04:00)
ASUS Introduces perfect ROG and TUF Gaming Notebooks
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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TUF Gaming is a very popular family of gaming laptops among gamers. In the camp of these mobile computers, many times produced worthy devices that deserve the closest attention. Among the distinctive features are high-quality hardware, an efficient cooling system, and a detailed display with low response time.

In the family of Asus gaming laptops, the TUF Gaming line takes a position under all kinds of ROG (Zephyrus, Strix, etc.), but it is the most interesting for an ordinary player: the processors here are powerful, video cards are junior GeForce GTX/RTX of the corresponding generation, i.e. they provide an incomparably higher level of performance than integrated graphics, but at the same time retain any reasonable cost. Perhaps, the design of TUF Gaming models is not as refined and exquisite as that of image laptops, but this is, after all, a matter of taste.

ASUS TUF Gaming F15

The TUF Gaming is a great compromise option for gamers who can't go on a trip or other trip for a long time without their favorite computer entertainment. Why limit yourself to your favorite hobby when you don't have to? It's a legitimate question and ASUS answering it has presented a decent device. Its autonomy at average load mode is enough for about 8 hours, and in the case of games - 3-4 hours. In the case of video playback so and above. There is some difference in the battery capacity of the younger and older versions. However, in both cases, it is better than its predecessors. Separately it is worth highlighting the 15.6-inch FullHD monitor based on the IPS matrix.

The heart of the system is the processor. Depending on the specification, you can choose a model with the Intel Core i5 13500H or the more powerful Intel Core i7 12700H. No need to worry about graphics processing. ASUS TUF Gaming F15 notebooks can be equipped with discrete graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 for notebooks with 6GB of GDDR6 video memory or NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 for notebooks with 8GB of video memory of the same format.

Get next-level AI performance on GeForce RTX.

Discover the RTX AI advantage. Built for the era of AI, GeForce RTX GPUs are equipped with dedicated Tensor Cores designed to accelerate AI, ensuring the best performance and introducing revolutionary AI capabilities. Harness exclusive AI features and transform the way you work and play. From enhanced creativity and ultra-efficient productivity to blisteringly fast gaming, the ultimate AI power on Windows PCs is on RTX – today and tomorrow.

Asus TUF Gaming A15

Perfect for 1080p gaming. The Asus TUF Gaming A15 delivers good performance in 1080p gaming thanks to its state-of-the-art AMD Ryzen processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card from 4050 to 4070 depending on the model configuration. In addition, the notebook boasts a high-quality IPS display with a frequency of 144 to 165 Hz.


Start getting in on the action right with the TUF Gaming A15. With an integrated Windows 11 operating system (optional), up to AMD Ryzen™ 9 7940HS processor, and up to 32GB of incredibly fast DDR5 RAM, your streaming and multitasking is done with ease. Utilize the full gaming performance of your notebook's NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ GPU with a dedicated multiplexer switch. When your game library gets full, an empty M.2 NVMe SSD slot makes upgrading storage capacity a breeze.

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus line of notebooks has always had its characteristic features: powerful components in a rather discreet, stylish, and compact body. ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 (2023) GU604 fully meets these criteria. The laptop is equipped with a powerful Intel Core i9 processor, a speedy 2TB drive, plenty of RAM and a top-of-the-line GeForce RTX 4080-4090 notebook graphics card. So its performance is at a very high level.

The laptop, depending on the package, has a 16-inch ROG Nebula and ROG Nebula HDR display with mini LED backlighting, which is housed in a sleek chassis that is sized to match the dimensions of 15-inch devices. The display has a QHD+ (2K) resolution, supports Adaptive-Sync, and has excellent speed characteristics: refresh rate of 240Hz and response time of 3ms. This guarantees excellent image quality and smooth gaming. Also note that in addition to running games, the notebook is also suitable for working in professional graphic applications and for working with multimedia content, thanks to the wide color gamut of the display, PANTONE® Validated display coverage and Dolby Vision® technology.

Two models ROG Zephyrus M16 (GU604VY-NM044X and GU604VY-NM040X) have an unusual design solution: in the display cover they have a built-in matrix display ROG AniMe Matrix™, consisting of a set of miniature LEDs (18710 dots, 1711 LEDs). This display is designed to display text messages and system notifications, visually accompany the audio being played, and show any custom animation.

With its help, the owner of the notebook can vividly declare its individuality.

We should also note the possibility of opening the screen of Zephyrus M16 to full 180 degrees, which will allow you to find additional scenarios of using the notebook in non-standard conditions.
Zephyrus M16, which has a low weight for gaming notebooks (2.1 - 2.3 kg), has an advanced cooling system with three fans and a full-width radiator. It helps to cool key components even more efficiently. By the way, seven heat pipes, laid in the laptop case, cool not only the processor and graphics card but also the elements of their power supply systems. This ensures the reliable and stable operation of the entire device in the long term.

6 reasons to buy ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 (2023) GU604:

high performance;
great 16-inch Mini LED screen with 240Hz refresh rate;
stylish appearance and compact body (considering the 16-inch screen and components);
good range of connectors;
comfortable keyboard and touchpad;
loud audio system.

For gamers who demand the absolute best motion and image clarity, the Zephyrus M16 offers an incredible Nebula HDR Display with a 240Hz refresh rate, 100% DCI-P3 coverage, and a staggering 1100 nits of peak brightness for stunning HDR gameplay. The 16-inch, 16:10 Mini LED panel provides incredibly deep blacks for content that jumps right off the screen, whether you’re watching a movie or playing a fast-moving arena shooter. On models without the Mini LED panel, the max brightness peaks at 500 nits, but both panels share QHD resolution and a 240Hz refresh rate, and all models share an incredible 92% screen-to-body ratio.

For the first time, the M16 will feature an AniMe Matrix™ display. With 18,710 precision machined holes on the lid of the machine, animations are crisper and cleaner than ever before. For models without the AniMe Matrix™ LED array, the perforations are covered with Monochrome Film, allowing the lid to color shift with the light. For 2023, we’re also introducing a new matte black color with an overfiring finish. Helping to complete the stealth look, this finish is also incredibly fingerprint-resistant. With four polished side panels and a holographic nameplate, the M16 exudes a sense of style and luxury not seen in standard gaming laptops.

AniMe Matrix™ and Virtual Pet OMNI have both gotten an upgrade. More LEDs mean more animation possibilities, and OMNI returns with a whole host of mini games, like the Slot Machine, Shoot’em Up and Whack-A-Mole. The games will also light up the AniMe Matrix™ as you progress, and getting high scores will unlock more animations for OMNI as he joins you on the desktop.

ROG Zephyrus Duo 16

Asus has decided to release the next generation of ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 with two screens, for the updated model the manufacturer has the most modern and powerful stuffing.

In addition to top Nvidia mobile graphics cards - GeForce RTX 4080 and GeForce RTX 4090 - Asus also used AMD HX-series processor - Ryzen 9 7945HX with 16 cores on Zen 4 architecture. This is one of the first laptops based on this chip.

ROG Nebula HDR's 16-inch 16:10 main 16:10 QHD display makes it ideal for the most dynamic games, with a refresh rate of 240Hz and a response time of just 3ms.

The additional 14.1-inch ROG ScreenPad Plus™ display supports 4K resolution. You can run applications on this screen while gaming, so you can forget about minimizing the game window to perform other tasks. Thanks to the capabilities of the Windows 11 operating system, you can easily switch between applications and conveniently place windows depending on your current priorities. The secondary display and the main display form a single workspace, as it is automatically raised at a slight angle to the keyboard when the notebook is opened and moved toward the main display.

By the way, the space between the additional screen and the notebook serves to improve airflow circulation inside the case by 30% compared to conventional notebooks, as the ROG AAS Plus 2.0 aerodynamic system is engaged. The ROG Zephyrus Duo 16's efficient cooling system ensures consistent performance even when playing games or performing demanding tasks for long periods. In addition, thanks to the use of a highly efficient liquid metal-based thermal interface, the maximum thermal power of the processor is also increased.

It is impossible to classify Zephyrus Duo completely because it can equally serve as a gaming notebook and a professional tool for digital content developers; the model can also be classified as a mobile workstation.

The Pinnacle Of Gaming

Game or create on the cutting edge with up to an AMD Ryzen™ 9 7945HX processor and up to an NVIDIA®GeForce RTX™ 4090 Laptop GPU. The Ryzen™ 9 7945HX CPU offers incredible gaming and multitasking performance, letting you stream and render even the most intensive projects, while the powerful RTX™ 4090 Laptop GPU guarantees incredible in-game framerates and content creation acceleration. A 1080p FHD webcam offers seamless video capture and security with Windows Hello support. With up to 4TB of blazing fast PCIe®4.0 SSD storage in RAID 0 and 64GB of 4800MHz DDR5 RAM, the 2023 Zephyrus Duo 16 is a multitasking monster and offers rapid load times for all your games and applications.

Supercharged Graphics

Powered by NVIDIA’s ultra-efficient Ada Lovelace architecture, the NVIDIA®GeForce RTX™ 4090 is the most powerful GPU put into a laptop. Access near-desktop class gaming and content creation performance on this truly next generation GPU. With a maximum TGP of 175W and access to the latest technology like DLSS 3, ray tracing, and Max-Q Technologies, the RTX™ 4090 can deliver both high resolution and high frame rates in the latest AAA games.

Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS 3) - This technology uses artificial intelligence to increase frame rate while maintaining high image quality. Using DLSS 3, high frame rates can be achieved in the most demanding games, such as Cyberpunk 2077, Alan Wake 2, Portal with RTX, and Portal: Prelude RTX.
Currently, over 360 modern games support NVIDIA DLSS, and DLSS 3 is already supported in approximately 60 games, each incorporating DLSS Super Resolution, Frame Generation, and NVIDIA Reflex.

Reflex technology is designed to improve responsive controls by eliminating buffering between the CPU and graphics card. It is enabled in one click in the game settings. This can be very useful in competitive gaming. For example, a player in Counter-Strike 2 gets easier control and aiming, which significantly increases his chances of winning. Reflex is available in the most popular competitive games, there are about 80 games with support for this technology.

Not to forget that NVIDIA RTX graphics cards are used to accelerate artificial intelligence and ray tracing and in all popular graphics applications, of which there are currently about 110. They use NVIDIA graphics cards' tensor and RT cores to increase performance when using AI tools and ray tracing visualization. By the way, NVIDIA Studio drivers, which are optimized for work and creativity and provide maximum stability and performance in applications, are available for free download on the website or in the GeForce Experience app.

The Zephyrus Duo 16 is built from the ground up for gamers — and, of course, game developers. The Zephyrus Duo 16 can run all of the latest game engines like Unity and Autodesk, enabling you to unlock your creativity and try your hand at making something new. Whether you’re a digital artist, streamer, video editor, or dabble with animation and game development, the Zephyrus Duo 16 has all the horsepower you need to take your creations to the next level.

Strix SCAR 16

While the RTX 4090 and Core i9 13980HX provide a fantastic core configuration for a gaming laptop today, a few things are holding back this powerful machine, not least the competition in this price category.

Before we get to the numbers, the Scar 16 has a good start to its aesthetics. There is an industrial touch to the design, but not enough to make it look too 'edgy'. It resembles the resurgent trend of retro consoles with a thin translucent plastic strip around the edges of the case and at the front.

It may not have the modest charm of the Clear Glacier Gameboy Advance, but at least the thin RGB strip along the front and back doesn't undermine the aesthetic. The light softly shines through the thickness of the laptop and gives a soft glow to the table around it. The default ROG rainbow logo on the back feels a bit too large to me, but that can easily be fixed with the Aura software.

The Scar 16 is thick and heavy enough to make me question the laptop nomenclature, though it's nowhere near as dense as desktop counterparts of yesteryear (see the 8-pound Gigabyte Aorus 17X YD ). Still, the Scar is thick enough

The board has a nice tactile bounce and the ability to toggle multiple keys for gaming, as you'd expect. In games, it does its job just fine.

The Pinnacle of Performance

Dominate the Windows 11 Pro battlefield with the all-new ROG Strix SCAR 16. Introducing a 16-inch screen to the SCAR lineup for the first time, see the enemy more clearly than ever before. Powered by a 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-13980HX Processor and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4090 Laptop GPU with a max TGP of 175W, the SCAR 16 easily handles even the most demanding games. It also comes with a dedicated MUX Switch with support for NVIDIA Advanced Optimus, enabling you to easily harness the true power of your GPU when gaming. With support for up to 64GB of DDR5 RAM and up to 4TB of PCIe Gen4x4 storage, the SCAR 16 can easily game, stream, and create content all at the same time without breaking a sweat. For the ultimate gaming laptop, look no further than the Strix SCAR 16.

Graphics Unleashed

Top-tier components require power, especially when it comes to maximizing your GPU’s performance. Powered by NVIDIA DLSS 3, ultra-efficient Ada Lovelace arch, and Max-Q Technologies, the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4090 Laptop GPU is fully unleashed with a max TGP of 175W with Dynamic Boost.


RTX™ 4090

Laptop GPU



With Dynamic Boost


Game. Stream. Create.

The SCAR series is built from the ground up for gamers — and, of course, game developers. The Strix SCAR 16 can run all of the latest game engines, enabling you to unlock your creativity and try your hand at making the next great game. Whether you’re a digital artist, streamer, video editor, or dabble with animation and game development, the Strix SCAR 16 has all the horsepower you need to take your creations to the next level. Featuring up to an Intel® Core™ i9 processor and up to an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4090 Series Laptop GPU, complex projects on popular development tools like Unity and Autodesk render in a snap. You have what it takes to be the best on the battlefield, but are you ready to design the next one?

ROG Strix SCAR 18 (2023) G834

The Asus ROG Strix Scar 18 is the largest laptop in the brand's current lineup, joining the 18-inch hype train alongside the Razer Blade 18 and the Alienware M18. With all that space to accommodate the latest and greatest components, it's no wonder these machines are often regarded as some of the best gaming laptops around.

They're designed as desktop replacements, with bulky chassis' that won't hold up to a backpack and a good range of ports to keep everything connected. Adding a screen, hinge, and the cooling required to run those high-end components in a technically portable device inflates the price over a standard gaming PC significantly, though. Yes, these are hugely impressive gaming laptops.

If you've taken a look at the Asus ROG Strix Scar 16 (or last year's ROG Strix Scar 17 SE) you pretty much know what you're in for here. Asus hasn't reinvented anything for its larger device, this is a stretched Scar model with all the RGB your retinas can handle.

Graphics Unleashed

Top-tier components require power, especially when it comes to maximizing your GPU’s performance. Powered by NVIDIA DLSS 3, ultra-efficient Ada Lovelace arch, and Max-Q Technologies, the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4090 Laptop GPU is fully unleashed with a max TGP of 175W with Dynamic Boost.


RTX™ 4090

Laptop GPU



With Dynamic Boost


Advanced Optimus

All Day Endurance

The Strix SCAR 18 is ready to go the distance. Featuring a 90Wh battery, the laptop can easily browse the web for hours away from the wall before needing a recharge. For flexibility on the go, USB Type-C charging is supported up to 100W. When charging using the supplied 330W power adapter, the SCAR 18 can recharge from zero to 50% in just 30 minutes.

ASUS announces the launch of the "ROG Holidays" campaign, which will take place from 01 November to 31 December 2023 in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Georgia, at rog. events. For two months, in partner shops, purchasers of Republic of Gamers (ROG) gaming devices will receive Steam account bonuses equivalent to up to $50 and 2,000 points in the ROG Elite program.
The promotion includes motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, routers, monitors, gaming accessories, and the ROG Ally handheld console. For more details, visit


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