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Richard Verma visits Yerevan to eat dolma

17 June 2024 18:22 (UTC+04:00)
Richard Verma visits Yerevan to eat dolma

By Farman Aydin, AZERNEWS

Another Armenian fan, Richard Verma, deputy secretary of state for management and resources feels like a true Armenian after tasting the dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine. Verma, who is originally from India, is a staff member of former US President Barack Obama. He was appointed as the 25th US ambassador to India in 2014 during the Obama administration.

Richard Verma's sympathy for Armenians is as open and deep as the politicians in the US Senate, as well as in several organisations of the United States. But some aspects make Verma slightly different from them. For instance, he is not as crazy as Vivek Ramaswamy, who has made himself a laughing stock in US politics before and is of Indian origin. Ramaswami, who did not recognize the location of the South Caucasus on a map, told all sorts of stories to show his love for Armenians and said that the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, which had already been resolved, took place in the African continent.

Thankfully, Verma is not as enthusiastically pro-Armenian as he is, but without knowing the origin of the dolma and lavash he eats, he dedicates his love to the wrong side. But Verma's love is not for dolma, but for his Armenian-American wife, Pinky Verma. Being of Indian origin, the US politician and his family are fortunate to be able to represent the cultures of three countries - the US, India, and Armenia, said Richard Verma.

Therefore, the politician does not thank Baku for the dolma and lavash he ate in Yerevan, but directly Armenians.

Richard Verma says that there are 1.5 million Armenians living in the United States, and this is the second largest community in the United States. He enthusiastically said that Armenians have become the most famous and genius nation thanks to their dolma culture, and because of this, they have made America a strong state. Although Verma does not agree, he indirectly admits that the United States is delighted with the mouth-watering Azerbaijani cuisine and that the Azerbaijani culture is the wealth of the United States. That is not a problem for us - our name may not be mentioned, but our taste is still in your mouths.

The world knows that Pakistani cuisine is an inspiration to India. Nevertheless, those blessings are only known in the mouths, and the name is associated with India. Verma's approach is in harmony with Armenians, whose ethnic roots are closely related to India. It is acceptable for both Armenia and India, which supports it in every way, to appropriate other people's culture and use it as their own. The main thing is that whatever is stolen is palatable - the rest is nonsense.


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