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Azerbaijan's support for freedom bothering French colonial mindset

16 May 2024 22:00 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan's support for freedom bothering French colonial mindset
Fatime Letifova
Fatime Letifova
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Protests have been going on in Kanak (New Caledonia) for a long time. Additionally, natives of the island are fighting for independence in the last French colonies of Maohi Nui (French Polynesia), French Guiana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Corsica.

Even French President Emmanuel Macron held a meeting of the Security Council in this regard. It seems that the colonial state is facing harsh realities brought by the new century.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin blamed Azerbaijan for the events in New Caledonia. He said that Baku "interfered" in the unrest in New Caledonia. Darmanin claimed that supporters of independence allegedly made some "deal" with Azerbaijan.

As for the baseless accusations of official Paris against Azerbaijan, this has already become a tradition in France. It should be remembered that when Azerbaijani lands were occupied by Armenians for 30 years, mines were buried in these areas, and nearly 1 million Azerbaijanis became refugees, the French government accused Azerbaijan of aggression instead of Armenia, and tried to conduct a biased policy in addition to interfering in the internal affairs of the South Caucasus region. Also, the French media was trying to portray Azerbaijan as an aggressor by spreading pro-Armenian disinformation.

Even after Azerbaijan liberated Garabagh from Armenian occupation in 2020 after the 44-day Patriotic War, France's position did not change. Paris accused Baku of carrying out an ethnic cleansing policy against Armenians.

However, if we look at history, we can see that France has been known for centuries for its trade in slavery and colonial policy. It is no secret that France, especially in African countries, carried out ethnic cleansing for many years, spilled human blood, and looted natural resources. Now, when the local people want to regain their freedom, France blames other countries, especially supporters of freedom like Azerbaijan.

For many years, France has been replenishing the colonialists in order to reduce the number of native Kanaks in these areas and has pursued a policy of suppressing the local population. Today's protests in New Caledonia are part of an independence movement that is more than 50 years old. These protests are directed against the colonial policy of France. But, as usual, Paris blames Azerbaijan.

It is no secret that Azerbaijan has always been one of the biggest supporters of these nations in the fight against neocolonialism. That is why, during the protest actions that took place in March, the participants of the protests carried Azerbaijan's flag in the front row and pinned it to the tribune to express their gratitude. Some participants even had Azerbaijan and Kanak flags on their shirts.

However, baseless accusations that the protests were initiated or even planned by the Azerbaijani government make France's discredited policy even cheaper. It is worth noting that the reason for the protests is that the French Senate and the National Assembly started making illegal constitutional changes in New Caledonia.

Thus, the parliament has approved a draft law providing the right to participate in regional elections to those who have lived there for more than 10 years.

The proposed changes aim to enlarge the electorate at the expense of non-Kanaks in a purposeful manner. This has rightly caused people's dissatisfaction, including the protests and demonstrations.

Unfortunately, in New Caledonia, over proposed constitutional amendments, French security forces have been mobilised and a curfew imposed after a general strike and protests in the capital city of Noumea and surrounding settlements. The police resorted to serious violence against the local population. Footage shared in the media confirms the brutal policy of France against the local population. According to the latest information, 82 protesters were arrested.

Without a doubt, the current government in Paris continues to discredit the country. At the moment, France is trying to prevent the independence protests in New Caledonia by accusing Azerbaijan.

Official Paris still does not understand that interfering in the internal affairs of individual countries and creating panic and conflict that will undermine the sovereignty of those countries, on the contrary, lowers the reputation of the French authorities. Because what is happening today in New Caledonia and the Kanak people's anti-French slogans are just a sign of failure in French policy.


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