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Pundit: Terrorism is military and political method of Armenians

24 March 2024 20:00 (UTC+04:00)
Pundit: Terrorism is military and political method of Armenians
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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Heinous terror act in Crocus City Hall in Moscow reminded many in the post-Soviet republics of Armenian terror groups. The ones who related this barbaric crime to Armenia have many reasons for it. Because Armenians are the only nation in the post-Soviet space and around the world that is famous for their terror organizations, and most importantly, they are proud of it.

The Armenian history in the last century is rich with terror acts targeting Azerbaijani and Turkish civilian and political leaders. The assassination of Azerbaijani Prime Minister Fatali Khan Khoyski, Turkish Defense Minister Enver Pasha, several other Turkish diplomats, and mass killings in Khojaly and other residential areas in Garabagh exemplify it. It is worth noting that Armenian terror organizations have not only targeted Azerbaijani and Turkish citizens whom they considered their eternal enemies but also Russian and French citizens who are their close friends and allies. Bomb attack on the metro station in Moscow in the 1970s, terror act at the Orly Airport in France, and so on are some vivid examples of it. Besides, the war in Ukraine strengthens this assumption. Because when the Soviet Union weakened Armenians were the first nations to resort to terror acts in the territories of the then-USSR. That is why the former prosecutor who investigated the Sumgayit pogrom called his book Sumgayit The Inception of the Dissolution of the Soviet Empire.

In an interview with British journalist Thomas de Waal, the Armenian terrorist Igor Muradyan confessed that in the 1960s and 1970s they got many weapons outside of the USSR with the help of Dashnaks. They did the same thing in Ottoman empire during Word War I. It should be underlined that in both cases Armenian terror groups attacked Azerbaijanis living in the Ottoman Empire or the USSR. That is why the terror act in Crocus City Hall poses questions among Azerbaijanis based on suspicions about Armenians - as they say, history repeats itself.

In his interview to Azernews on the issue, political analyst Anar Hasanov noted that the center of this terrorist act is not located in the East but in the West. Because the West can win neither the information war nor fights in the battlefield with Russia. He thinks that it is the most convenient method to raise the mood against the conflict in Ukraine within Russia.

“I should note that Vladimir Putin also warned about this. A few days ago, at the collegial meeting of the Federal Security Service, Putin said that Western countries threaten him with terrorism. In addition, Zelenskyy also stated that new methods would be used in the war with Russia in 2024. Perhaps that is what Zelenskyy meant. It should not be forgotten that previously the daughter of Aleksandr Dugin was killed by the terror act in Russia a few years ago. In addition, Tatarsky was also killed as a result of terrorism, and Ukrainian special services were behind both incidents. Therefore, although today the terrorists have been found with Tajik passports, still a question arises - where did they get the military training to commit such an incident? It seems to me that the real force behind the influence of the panic in Russia today is only the West. That's why I stand more on this version,” Hasanov said.

As for the issue of spreading terror to the post-Soviet republics, the expert noted that similar events can occur in the former union republics which support Russia. However, he does not think that such an event will happen in Azerbaijan. Because Azerbaijan is one of the countries that has close relations with both Russia and Ukraine and sends humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Besides, he added that the West cannot increase the number of its opponents.

“In any case, sooner or later it will be known who is behind this terror. I do not think that the West should try to win hostile societies in the post-Soviet geography. Therefore, Belarus is the only country next to Russia. I think that Western methods can be used to create panic in both Russia and Belarus. As for Armenia, terrorism is one of the military and political methods of Armenians. Terrorism has generally been a method of struggle for Armenia and the Armenian society. However, at this time, I do not think that the official Yerevan should resort to this method against Azerbaijan. Because currently, Armenia is more interested in normalizing relations with Azerbaijan, Yerevan is aware that if it loses several soldiers against an Azerbaijani soldier injured in any conflict on the front. So, Yerevan is well aware that a slight mistake in its move will cost it losing its manpower on the conventional border with Azerbaijan. Therefore, I rule out that Armenians will resort to terrorism against Azerbaijan,” Hasanov added.


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