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Cyber security as main stand on Global Baku Forum's agenda [COMMENTARY]

17 March 2024 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Cyber security as main stand on Global Baku Forum's agenda [COMMENTARY]
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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Cyber warfare has been a phenomenon of the last 50 years and its importance has been increasing day by day. The capability of cyber warfare enhances and covers big areas. Countries form cyber troops and figuratively speaking modern wars are being waged in the cyber world. Azerbaijan also attaches great importance to cyber warfare as well. Cyber warfare and cyber attacks also will be discussed in the 11th Global Baku Forum.

In a comment to Azernews on the issue, military expert Adalat Verdiyev noted that cyber wars are a battle scene of modern information technologies, computers, online management systems, and computer networks. He said that cyber warfare, which is a component of hybrid warfare, also incorporates cyber-attacks, espionage, and surveillance operations. He reminded that currently, in many developed countries of the world, cyber troops have been created as a separate type of command. For example, there are more than 20,000 of them in the United States.

“It can be said that cyber capabilities are widely used in almost all wars and military operations carried out in recent years. In other words, with the start of wars, not only the military, political, diplomatic, and economic potential of the country but also cyber capabilities are applied on a large scale against the opposite side. The influence of cyber wars affects many areas, including the networks of power structures, the banking system, civil and military-industrial complexes, especially the channels and means of management of the people and institutions that rule the state, computer network, etc.,” the pundit told.

As for cyber security, Verdiyev said that it is a component of information security and in many countries, special state structures are engaged in this field. He pointed out that in modern times, the most valuable resource in modern wars is information, and it is of great importance to protect the security of this information from cyber attacks. He emphasized that as a result, in order to ensure the effective and safe functioning of power structures and leading persons involved in state management, secure communication channels should be provided to them, and it is of great importance that the information transmitted through these communication channels is presented safely from cyber attacks.

“Information security includes many aspects such as fighting against hackers, spies, viruses and cyber-attacks, as well as measures against phishing of various data. A national strategy for information security and cyber security for 2022-2025 was adopted in Azerbaijan today, and these activities are carried out according to the 3-year action plan. I can say a fact that the state service for communication and information security of the Republic of Azerbaijan prevented about 3000 cyber attacks during the 44-day War. Also, these institutions continued their activities during various conflicts and anti-terrorist measures that occurred after the war,” Adalat Verdiyev said.

He added that at present, institutions have been established in all power structures and civil structures in Azerbaijan to combat cyber attacks, and their activities are carried out in a coordinated manner with the Special Communication and Information Technologies state service.

“Protection of information processes by the state service, protection of information resources, prevention of possible cyber and other possible threats, various activities related to risk assessment and management are carried out in state structures. Rules for using special types of communication in Azerbaijan and user lists are personally determined by the President. This shows how much importance is attached to the issue of safety by the state,” A. Verdiyev concluded.


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