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France as catalyzer encourages Armenian provocations on conventional border

24 February 2024 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
France as catalyzer encourages Armenian provocations on conventional border
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's visit to Paris, the capital of France, drew attention only for one point: although we are far away from our founder Russia, we still have a staunch supporter France.

In fact, neither France nor the West as a whole think for a moment about the future of Armenia in the South Caucasus - it is not even interesting for them at all. The only interesting thing for them is to intervene in the region through a flexible state like Armenia in the South Caucasus and be able to change the pressures to their advantage when the time comes.

Nikol Pashinyan's heated conversation with Mourad Papazyan, the co-chairman of the Coordinating Council of French Armenian Organizations in the capital Paris, was also remembered as one of the interesting moments of the visit. The most interesting moment was the participation of the French President Emmanuel Macron in the meeting between the parties as an intermediator.

It should be noted that since Papazyan was declared persona non grata, he has not been allowed to Yerevan. However, Papazyan was Pashinyan's partner many times in certain important issues between Armenia and France. For example, let's take the last time that Macron disappointed the Armenian Prime Minister on the main issue - recognizing Garabagh as the territory of Azerbaijan. Although Macron promises that he is extremely attached to Yerevan and will always stand behind them, he recognizes Garabagh, which Armenians consider imaginary land, as the territory of Azerbaijan. At Pashinyan's most desperate moment, Mourad Papazyan mediated to restore relations with Macron. It is interesting that this time Macron brokered between Pashinyan and Papazyan.

During the meeting, the co-chair criticized Pashinyan for banning him from entering Armenia, to which the angry prime minister responded with criticism. However, Pashinyan's assurance is reported that the authorities will not protest the court's decision that overturned Papazyan's persona non grata status.

But we wonder why Pashinyan should ban the entry of the co-chairman, whose help he is in need, to enter the country or ignore the decision to declare him persona non grata by the court?

Perhaps this can be analyzed by comparing it with the former separatist leaders, and it can be concluded that Pashinyan does not accept the presence of any rivals in the country. But the question arises: what is France doing in the middle? What is Macron’s role in the brokering between the parties?

By inviting the Armenian leadership to its country, official Paris was actually trying to convey a single message: we will try our best to prevent peace in the South Caucasus with our traditional methods. One of these methods is to do what one cannot do through another state.

France, of course, is not bold enough to open a war against the South Caucasus. But its other nefarious tool is arming Armenia at any cost. But can it be considered that France has no other problems and that its only wish is for Armenia to have a strong army?

Not at all. It has never been seen in history that an imperialist, colonialist state wants another state to strengthen militarily and economically. If France gives arms to Armenia and provides comprehensive assistance to it, then there is either a complicit issue or there is a deep policy that Armenia has not even grasped yet. This policy is the policy of the West, which applies its power to the geographical space it wants through other states it uses as its instrument. As long as there is a tool in that area that will serve its interests and is inclined towards it - which is Armenia.

Today, France's and the West's anti-Azerbaijani propagandas are yielding fruits. Armenia's initiation of armed provocation on the border after a long period of calm, followed by firing in the direction of the Azerbaijani army along the conventional border, is almost a part of the planned game. Because the European Mission, which watches only the Azerbaijani side with binoculars, is also present in the place where the fire came from.

Today, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan officially stated that it did not fire any response to prevent the next armed provocation by the Armenian army. The reason is clear that the European Mission is waiting for a retaliatory act of the other party to the Armenian side. As a result, the Azerbaijani side should be blamed and they can interpret the issue in their own way and present Azerbaijan in the form of an invader to the world community. This did not happen again. Because Azerbaijan already knows the true inner face of France and other forces, which are close to it, as much as they know Armenia.


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