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Armenia backs terror groups reemerging on border with Azerbaijan

15 February 2024 15:45 (UTC+04:00)
Armenia backs terror groups reemerging on border with Azerbaijan
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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The wounding of a border guard of the Azerbaijani army as a result of Armenian provocation by a sniper was answered with the Revenge Operation. With this, it was revealed that Armenia is more prone to provocation and terrorism than peace and stability.

On February 12, an Azerbaijani serviceman was wounded as a result of shelling from the Armenian Armed Forces position located in the direction of Nerkin-An residential area of Gafan district to the position of the State Border Service of the village of Kollugishlak in Zangilan district. It became known that units of the Armenian Armed Forces from the position located in the direction of Chinarli settlement in the Tovuz region shelled from small arms at the positions of the Azerbaijani army at 20:50 and 23:40 Baku time, located in the direction of Kohanbi settlement in the Tovuz region. Further, on February 13, the units of the State Border Service carried out an "Operation Revenge" in response to the provocation advised by the Armenian Armed Forces.

According to information, as a result of the operation, the Armenian Armed Forces' combat post near Nerkin-And settlement in the Gafan region, where Azerbaijani soldiers were shelled, was completely destroyed. The Armenian Defence Ministry admitted that four servicemen were killed and one wounded.

It is worth noting that Armenian provocations in the information field in relation to Azerbaijan were not noticed and were not crossed by the international community, and on the contrary, their silence added fuel to the fire. Probably, the sanctions of the French Senate and all kinds of resolutions towards Azerbaijan did not satisfy the whims of the masters of Armenians in the Western world, and this was reflected as a consequence in the provocation of the Armenian side.

Not surprisingly, the EU representatives condemned and made unfounded accusations against the response of the Azerbaijani army. Although the EU observer mission patrols are running with binoculars of different sizes on the borders of Armenia, boasting about their 2000th patrol, as one would expect, they did not notice anything, as did the "Czech citizen" crossing the Azerbaijani border, who was caught by the Azerbaijani border service near the minefields recently.

It also became known that, as a result of Azerbaijan's "operation revenge," a combat post of the Armenian Armed Forces was destroyed, and four servicemen were killed and one wounded. Those killed turned out to be members of the terrorist "union of volunteers" (Yerkrapa), and for some reason this news was not noticed by the EU representatives.

Another thing to note is that when various VOMA, "Yerkrapah," and other Armenian heirs of the First Garabagh War, or simply put, terrorist groups, appear near the border, Armenia plans more than just provocations. One more issue is that since Azerbaijan has a real army, it is no longer possible to impose the scenario of the early nineties.

The activity of the "Yerkrapah" Union of RA Volunteers is recognised as terrorist in the territory of Azerbaijan; members of this organisation participated in massacres and the extermination of Azerbaijanis in Garabagh. It is worth reminding the world about this organisation, which allegedly consists of young volunteers; in fact, half of them served and fought in the First Garabagh War, and the organisation was repeatedly involved in fighting before the Second Garabagh War.

The members of this organisation tortured Azerbaijani prisoners of war during the First Garabagh War with the character and ideology of fascism, and they may be waiting for the right moment and time for revenge until today.

It should be reminded that in the summer of 2021, two Armenian military men from the terrorist organisation "Yerkrapah" Ludvik Mkrtchyan and Aleshi Khosrovyan, who were accused of torturing Azerbaijani prisoners of war during the First Garabagh War in the town of Shusha, as well as committing a number of other crimes, were sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The defendants made a closing speech. They thanked all those who participated in the investigation: "We were treated very well during the investigation. We apologise to the President of Azerbaijan, all the people, and the court. We beg you to forgive us."

The session was held under the chairmanship of Judge Elbey Allahverdiyev of the Baku Military Court.

Recall that the head of the Union of Yerkrapah Volunteers, Sasun Mikayelyan, said in 2021 that the structures of the Union of Yerkrapah Volunteers are in full readiness and waiting for the order.

"As is known, the Union of Volunteers "Yerkrapah" has 76 territorial and regional units, which today are in full readiness and waiting for the order. We are ready, we - won in the late 90s, and we will keep this victory until the end," Mikayelyan said.

In the 90's, they fought against Azerbaijani civilians who were defending their lands, homes, and families, but they did not recognise it; perhaps once in jail, they will remember. It should also be noted that this organisation has the full support of the Ministry of Defence of Armenia, based on the statements made in 2019 by the Minister of Defence of this country.

As of today, the appetite for revenge for this organisation has not disappeared. According to the chairman of the terrorist organisation "Yerkrapa," Sasun Mikayelyan, in 2024, the members of the terrorist organisation are in constant mode on the line of defence along the entire length of the conditional Armenian-Azerbaijani border. The question arises: what are they preparing for, being in "permanent mode" of combat readiness? Readiness to assist on the road to peace with Azerbaijan?

"In 2020, 1,200 "Yerkrapah" volunteers were on combat duty; in 2022, we were already 1,700 people; last year, more than eight thousand "Yerkrapah" volunteers took part in combat duty at the same time. At some positions, "Yerkrapah" conducts duty in two shifts; if we take this into account, there are already more than 10 thousand members. This is a serious figure; the military will understand me," Mikayelyan said on the air of OTA.

Mikayelyan hastened to assure that the Yerkrapah, as before, fulfil their purpose and take the most active part in border defence.

"Now that there is a split in the country, the people are divided into 4-5 parts, and everyone considers each other traitors, how can we hold the border in such conditions? I don't want to scare anyone, but we are now on the edge..." - he stated.

Indeed, Armenians, the revanchist groups continuing to carry out provocative actions with the use of small arms at a time when there was silence on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border for five months, are unlikely to think of peace and stability.


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