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Anti-Azerbaijani forces disturbed by elections in Khankendi

7 February 2024 18:51 (UTC+04:00)
Anti-Azerbaijani forces disturbed by elections in Khankendi
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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The holding of extraordinary presidential elections in Azerbaijan for the first time in Garabagh and Khankendi was an important event in the history of independent Azerbaijan, but it was also a shocking moment for a number of anti-Azerbaijani forces.

Elections are underway, and President Ilham Aliyev and his family voted for the first time in Khankendi using their right to vote. However, this event was not received unambiguously, especially by the separatist Armenians and the forces supporting them. Those forces, which try to find excuses in everything, once again attracted the public's attention this time by looking for an insignificant reason.

This aggression must be stopped immediately and aggressor must be held responsible for violations of ceasefire

Armenian politician Edmon Marukyan shared on the social network about President Ilham Aliyev's voting in Khankendi and said that voting in Khankendi is against the law according to Azerbaijani legislation.

Although the Armenian lawyer tries to show himself as a very experienced expert in talking about laws, it is clear that he has forgotten the main issue. First of all, the elections in Azerbaijan were organized not only in Garabagh, but even in many countries of the world for the citizens of Azerbaijan. That is, it is not necessary for a citizen of Azerbaijan who is registered in any region of Azerbaijan to vote at his address. As for the election in Khankendi, why doesn't Edmon Marukyan criticize the holding of so-called elections in the territory of Azerbaijan (Khankendi) some time ago? If we are talking about law, shouldn't it be viewed from an international perspective? Or should the rights work only for the benefit of the occupying Armenia?

Edmon Marukyan probably added only one word to his repertoire by memorizing what other separatist and lobbyist Armenians said: "ethnic cleansing". Although this word mostly belongs to Armenians, today others like Marukyan use it widely in their lexicons. But let's remember that the term ethnic cleansing remained 30 years ago and Armenians were the first to introduce it in the South Caucasus with their mass killings in Khokaly and other places in Garabagh. Unlike Armenians, Azerbaijan did not harm any Armenians in Garabagh. On the contrary, today the Azerbaijani citizens of Garabagh, many of whom are of Armenian nationality, feel free and independent. If you were right, today Azerbaijan would not own them and would not care for them as its citizens.

There is still much to be said. Because there are still more forces that are worried about the elections, whose eyes see the truth, but their tongues do not keep silent.

We had an extensive introduction to Lindsey Snell in the previous publications. She is not that famous though but still able to be on agenda due to her insatiable love for Armenians, especially the separatist regime once illegally snatched Garabagh. From her adventures in Turkiye to her connections with a number of terrorist organizations, detailed information was provided. However, this time Lindsey tried to discuss the fact that the elections were held undemocratically by sharing a photo of the ballot paper. She believes that citizens of Azerbaijan vote under the influence of some force. I assure you that you are wrong. Some 92 percent of Azerbaijani citizens, and even more, thank Ilham Aliyev for this day of Azerbaijan.

You and the others like you are just so euphoric because of the influence of your love for Armenians that you see everything wrongly about Azerbaijan. Let it be so. This is your right. And we got what belonged us, and as a whole Azerbaijan, we vote for our candidate, who deserves the presidency, both in Grabagh and all over the world.


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