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Armenians target Tbilisi for next sabotage plan against Azerbaijan

25 January 2024 21:46 (UTC+04:00)
Armenians target Tbilisi for next sabotage plan against Azerbaijan
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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Manipulators trying to influence the Armenian authorities, in addition to the deterioration of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, resume all efforts to return the leaders of the separatist clan. Although the war has ended between the long-time hostile neighbours, the signing of the peace treaty is gradually being covered with a layer of ice. In addition to many provocations, endless rallies by the Armenian lobby with anti-Azerbaijani statements do not cease and add fuel to the embers of the recently soothed hostility.

It became known that Armenians in advance intended to hold a "global protest" in 2024, where they are going to demand the release of Armenian separatists detained and serving their time in Baku prison. One of the leaders of the provocateurs says the pre-planned protest actions will be held on January 27–28 in 14 European countries and 50 cities, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, etc. This is where the tentacles of the Armenian "hydra" are growing from.

Undoubtedly, the Western European coalition of countries is concerned about how Azerbaijan is becoming stronger every day. And they witness all the provocations in a number of scenarios that are being prepared before their eyes. During the 30th period of occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan by Armenian separatists, no organisation existing on earth was "willing" or "able" to stop the Armenian occupation. With its own forces and resources, Azerbaijan regained its territories and cleared its territories from the separatist clan. Continuing to play "ignorant", the powers, as well as the majority of Western European organisations, by their silence and empty discussions, allowed evil to run rampant in Azerbaijani lands. As soon as the Turkics regained their own, the crusaders of Europe immediately revived.

It is obvious that after the resolutions and sanctions from the French Senate and Azerbaijan's response to them, the other members of the "crusader" clan have awakened. What opinion can there be if organisations on a par with the European Union and the European Parliament with authorised rights and ideologies of "democracy" condemn Azerbaijan and at the same time justify Armenia?

Since presidential elections are being held or are about to be held in many countries, the Armenian lobby has decided to step up and press its tentacles on certain officials and authorities at their very sensitive points—vote or boycott. Although Georgia is not among the countries mentioned above, it is worth mentioning as well, as Armenian nationalists "devoted" to "great artsakh" have already gathered in the said country. Playing the Armenian "duduk" like gipsies, they gathered in Tbilisi in front of the office of the European Union. They demand "to protect the rights of Armenians" who willingly left Garabagh (when even in Yerevan they are not allowed without Armenian citizenship), "to release Armenian prisoners of war and hostages" (in fact, butchers and murderers), to ensure the security of the Republic of Armenia, and to apply sanctions against Azerbaijan.

What Armenians needed this for is not clear to them yet; how does it contribute to the establishment of relations with Azerbaijan and the peace process? Perhaps the separatists in Baku prison know what is best for Armenians and the so-called "artsakh"? Many countries where Armenian protests will take place already have enough protests by their citizens against the policies of these European countries.

Interestingly, the planned protests of Armenians in 50 cities in Europe coincide with the dates of the protests of citizens of these countries, where they will defend the vital values of agriculture and its sectors, defend their lands, and protest high prices and taxes. Probably many people already know about the mass protests of German and French farmers, as well as in Spain, and now imagine 10–20 Armenians next to them, demanding from the authorities and offices of the EU and the European Parliament in these countries "security of Armenia", "freedom to separatists", and return the Artsakh people to their "Great Artsakh".

Armenian protests have no power or importance, neither for the countries where they will be held nor for their ethnic citizens.

The entrance to France's ministerial buildings is literally covered in manure. Farmers bring buckets of manure and waste on tractors and dump it on the doorsteps of the ministries. But despite this, pro-Armenian politicians and members of the European Parliament find time and space to help solve the country's "problems", but not the problems of France.

According to French MEP Francois Alphonse in a conversation with Armenian media, the only way to peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan is "to wake up all democrats in Europe as a response to Azerbaijan's aggression, to draw the attention of "Mrs" Von der Leyen and Borrell to the breakdown of agreements with Azerbaijan, and that the pressure on Baku should increase.

This is an example of Europe's "democracy" and their vision of the world. Armenians chose the wrong time to protest, and the most they will get out of it is to be treated with local farmer's manure.


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