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Azerbaijan-China relation stems from common values

23 December 2023 13:15 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan-China relation stems from common values
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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Despite being located in the different corners of the Asian continent, Azerbaijan and China have shared common values and had many similarities historically. Both countries have never eyed the territories of their neighbors and have never had an expansionist foreign policy. Both countries have been the center of culture throughout history. Especially for the last 30 years, both countries have astonished the world with rapid economic growth. With the help of this growth, China, a once-poor country in the Far East, became the factory of the world, and the global political and financial. Similarly, with the help of the said economic growth, Azerbaijan became the financial and political center of its region. All countries who intend to enter the region need Azerbaijan’s consent.

Even though the diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in 1992, the history of people-to-people relations between Azerbaijan and China traces thousands of years. Already 2500 years ago, commercial and cultural relations existed between the two peoples through the ancient Silk Road. The historical connection between the peoples is also reflected in the works written by the great Azerbaijani poets, such as Nizami Ganjavi in ​​the 12th century.

It is worth noting that the One Belt One Road initiative put forward by China in 2013 created new opportunities for the deepening of bilateral relations. As one of the countries that first supported the One Belt One Road initiative, Azerbaijan makes a significant contribution to the implementation of this initiative with its large-scale transport infrastructure projects. Thus, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars and Baku International Sea Trade Port, which was implemented on the initiative of Azerbaijan, formed the Trans-Caspian East-West Transport Corridor and thereby provided a short and convenient alternative route for cargo transportation from China to the West.

On April 24-27, 2019, the delegation led by President Ilham Aliyev made a business trip to China to participate in the second One Belt, One Road International Cooperation Forum.

Today, China ranks among the top five trade partners of Azerbaijan. The trade turnover between the two countries increases year by year. Azerbaijan exports to China energy carriers (mainly crude oil), ethylene polymers in primary form, methanol, iodine, sulfoacids of thiophenated oils. Besides, the growing Chinese economy is a promising market for Azerbaijan’s agricultural products as well. In addition to petrochemical products, Azerbaijan also sells agriculture products and grape wines, licorice juice, and extract. Opening Azerbaijani Trade Houses in China deepens the trade partnership as well.

In return, China exports Azerbaijan mechanical devices, electrical machines, apparatus and parts, ferrous metals and articles thereof, clothing and clothing accessories, and so on. A total of 88 agreements were signed between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the People's Republic of China.

It should be noted that developing throughout history, the said relationship reached to its highest level during the authorities of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Thanks to the efforts of these two leaders, today Azerbaijan and China are friendly and partner countries. Chinese President also confirmed it in his letter sent to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on the occasion of his birthday.

"China and Azerbaijan are traditional friendly partners. Currently, Chinese-Azerbaijani relations are developing very well and steadily, the political mutual trust is constantly strengthening, and cooperation across various areas is yielding fruitful results. I highly appreciate the efforts you have made to strengthen bilateral relations. I attach great importance to the development of relations between China and Azerbaijan, and I am ready to continue my efforts alongside you to elevate bilateral relations of friendship and cooperation to a new level for the benefit of our countries and peoples," the letter reads.

No doubt that with its economic increase and technological advance, China is a looming Superpower of the future. Even today, almost in all conflicts the thoughts of Beijing are considered carefully. Of course, establishing such a strong relationship with the shining star of the Far East foreshadows the ingenuity of Azerbaijan's foreign policy.


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