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What could be result of US obstructing peace in S Caucasus? - analysis

21 November 2023 16:30 (UTC+04:00)
What could be result of US obstructing peace in S Caucasus? - analysis
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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The United States of America continues to interfere in the internal affairs of countries, leaving a huge mark on the history of the world and its reshaping. With its vast experience in waging wars, having earned the title of "War Machine", the states have taken control of countries and organizations while operating from the shadows. Its Global System in the form of a web, connects it by threads with other adherents of the New World Order based on chaos.

Taking on Ukraine as "Big Brother", America has failed in its promises to solve the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Many billions of dollars allocated from the country's budget, commensurate with the GDP of several countries, went to the corrupt capital of the Ukrainian authorities and its neighbors in the case. Those who managed to push one nationality into war want to cover all points of contact of conflict zones and regions.

The West's plans for the Caucasus have shifted towards the southern part, where Azerbaijan, having prevented the West's insidious plan, has liberated its lands from the terrorist formations and its clans occupying its territory. Huge stockpiles of arms and ammunition of the separatist clan, found by the Azerbaijani army in the territory of Garabagh after a successful anti-terrorist operation, hint at thorough preparations for military intervention in the territory of Azerbaijan by the separatist regime.

Waves of aggressive and unfriendly policy are coming towards Azerbaijan from Western European countries. Having no time to stabilize their plan, the Western structures immediately started to support and defend their own created vassals in Armenia. Thus, they started the stage of conducting a false propaganda campaign and condemning Azerbaijan, undermining the implementation of the signing of the peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The voices of a million Azerbaijani IDPs were not heard after the first Garabagh War and the problems of Azerbaijan remained unresolved. The barbaric attacks of Armenian clans on the territory of Azerbaijan were not stopped by the organizations that were awarded such rights; no one undertook to condemn them. On the contrary, the destabilization of the situation in the South Caucasus played into the hands of many, and today many countries within the Western European alliance and organizations wish that situation to recur.

In Yerevan, the news that the U.S. Senate passed the "Protect Armenia Act of 2023" this week, which prevents the U.S. "president" from circumventing the 907th Amendment to the Freedom Support Act, which prohibits military aid to Azerbaijan, was greeted loudly. The Section 907th Amendment to the adopted "Freedom Support Act" appeared under pressure from the Armenian lobby in 1992 and is still being shamelessly preserved.

Azerbaijan patiently followed the diplomatic agenda of settling the " Garabagh problem" for almost 30 years and used military force only when it became clear that the problem could not be solved peacefully. Azerbaijan has fully restored its territorial integrity without any assistance from the UN or the US. Accordingly, Baku has no obligations to Washington. Azerbaijan is a self-sufficient state and, unlike Armenia, does not need handouts. Azerbaijan follows and welcomes the peace agenda, and by suspending "military aid" the United States of America does not narrow opportunities for Azerbaijan in the need to strengthen its military.

Azerbaijan's policy towards Armenia is to create a new regional security architecture based on the principles of justice in the region, recognizing each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty, and putting an end to all territorial claims against each other.

As presidential aide, Hikmet Hajiyev said, "First of all, peace and regional security are not in Brussels, Paris, Washington, Moscow, or anywhere else. Peace is in the region itself."

Despite the 5th document of the peace treaty proposed by Azerbaijan, Yerevan remains hesitant due to the "threat" imposed from outside, as if Azerbaijan is preparing new ground for an 'attack on Armenian territory'.

Separatism has a global form, and the USA's needy Ukraine is not standing aside. In Mikhail Podolyak's opinion, the most important thing for Armenia is that it conducts an intensive dialogue with NATO countries - Great Britain, the United States, and France, with whom, as he says, "the dialogue has always been historically good".

Yerevan could be pushed to sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan and end 200 years of conflict, but often the rhetoric is in the opposite direction.

America's connection to Ukraine is directly related to the case of the American President's son, Hunter Biden, who had close ties to Ukrainian officials in money laundering. The high-profile cases that were once open for discussion, against the President and his son, are now being hushed up and brushed aside in every possible way. There are devils in a quiet pool.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz said on Fox News that "Biden should be impeached and removed from office, he should be prosecuted, he should go to prison, and he should be in the same cell with his son Hunter for bribing the United States government."

The chief accountant of Ukraine's Burisma Energy, who offered to provide US authorities with incriminating evidence of financial crimes involving Joe and Hunter Biden, was found dead before she could testify, and the special prosecutor in charge of investigating Biden's illegal seizure and retention of classified documents has mysteriously gone missing.

America contradicts Iran in the South Caucasus region as Azerbaijan continues to build a new bridge and transit route connecting Iran to Azerbaijan via Astara, which will be commissioned within 1 month. On the other hand, Armenia misses its chance to build the Zangazur corridor through its territory, thus Azerbaijan decides to use alternative routes through Iran.

However, it is extremely important for America to maintain a good relationship with Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus region to gain full access to the Eurasian world and rather push Armenia towards peace talks.


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