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Macron's rogue policies put him at odds with his diplomats

15 November 2023 22:45 (UTC+04:00)
Macron's rogue policies put him at odds with his diplomats
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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In France, Macron's government has once again witnessed the impracticable state of its policy, which is spiraling towards bankruptcy. There is a saying that goes goodness of evil will result in evil.

The point is that although French President Emmanuel Macron announced his support for Palestine a few weeks ago following the Israel-Hamas conflict outbroke, it ended in vain. Even in reaction to this, the ambassadors of France in the Arab countries made a joint appeal to express their protest and sent it to the French Foreign Ministry because their country did not show a balanced position in the Israel-Hamas war. Journalists who learned about this promptly publicized the issue and created a kind of conditions for the exposure of the fraudulent position of the French authorities.

In fact, France had no intention of defending Palestine. Then why did Macron pretend to defend Palestine?

Recall that Macron promised 100 million euros in aid to Palestine a week ago. Even though Macron was not welcomed by the people in the West Bank, when he met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on October 24, Macron said that the life of every Palestinian is as valuable as French and Israeli. However, since Macron could not get out of his political ampoule, his fake attitude was soon exposed.

After a very short time passed, another fresh news spread in the press. French President Emmanuel Macron promised to stand by Israel until the end of the war. This meant that Macron also undermined his credibility in front of the Arab states. Because Macron does not have the courage to fully support either the state of Israel or Palestine. First of all, Macron's stay in the chair as president depends on the anti-Semitic Armenian community, which is over his head like a shadow in France, right around the Elysée Palace. On the other hand, the French state, which has lost its influence in Africa, does not want to spoil its relations with the Arab states. For this reason, he tries to show himself as a compassionate leader in the Palestinian issue.

Apparently, playing this role is not for Macron. Therefore, even French diplomats object to France's imbalance-creating policy.

Today, France's enigmatic policy is also manifested in supporting Armenia. In general, Macron's policy creates confusion among his diplomats as a result of which they protest against him. How is it that Macron, who supports Palestine, now initiates a coalition against Palestine? ...or the French government, which arms Armenia and supposedly wants to strengthen its military potential, throws it into the fire without thinking about its future fate in the region?

First, by militarizing Yerevan, official Paris aggravates the situation in the South Caucasus rather than stimulating peace in the region, and this directly worries not only Azerbaijan but other regional states and countries neighboring the South Caucasus.

Secondly, while France is a military-political ally of Russia and without taking into account the current conditions, France is not only arming Armenia but also trying to involve it completely in the European Union. Macron’s government forgets that the borders of Armenia are still under the control of Russia, and at the same time, the military base No. 102 belonging to Russia is valid until 2044 according to the agreement signed between Armenia and Russia in 1995.

Armenia is putting its country and even the region in great danger just by being deceived into the warm arms of the devil. This, of course, creates a natural environment for the realization of the deadly plan of Macron's policy regarding the South Caucasus.


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