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Yerevan goads foreign diplomats into provocation against Azerbaijan

7 August 2023 20:00 (UTC+04:00)
Yerevan goads foreign diplomats into provocation against Azerbaijan
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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The 44-day war proved that Armenia's 30-year domestic and foreign policy was a failure. Moreover, the country's state policy was shortsighted and based on self-praise. Prior to the war, Armenians relied on two things – the so-called undefeatable Armenian military and the Armenian diaspora. They did believe that even if the Armenian army had been defeated, due to the influence of the Armenian diaspora the would run to help them. However, in 2020, non of these happened. Armenia enjoyed the humiliating defeat and no one cared about it.

After their biggest frustration, Armenia started a new policy – playing the victim card and getting all western forces involved in the process and put pressure on Azerbaijan through it. They started to make a fuss about the so-called "humanitarian crisis in Khankendi" and sent 19 trucks "filled with aid" to the Lachin border checkpoint. To exaggerate the situation, they organized a trip of foreign diplomats to Yerevan to accompany the trucks. Since that day, the Armenian media has been circulating this trip as the support of the Armenian policy by the diplomats in Yerevan.

In a comment to Azernews political analyst, Sector head at the Social Research Center Ilyas Huseynov noted that it is a provocation and the main goal of this incitement is not to aid the Armenian minority in Garabagh.

"It should be noted that Armenia continues its provocative actions against Azerbaijan, and its main goal is to defame Azerbaijan, achieve the cancellation of important contracts signed by Azerbaijan in the energy field, and thereby strengthen its position in the South Caucasus. However, the sending of 19 trucks to the Lachin BCP is not only a show but also a part of political provocation to involve the diplomats accredited in Armenia and the EU civilian mission in the Armenian cunning actions," he said.

He pointed out that it is certainly regrettable that these diplomats have become elements of provocation in Armenia. However, these diplomats and the people accompanying this process certainly cannot be an obstacle to regional integration, peace, and security transformation.

"Maybe the diplomats accepted the offer to look good to the Armenian authorities, but the result is obvious. Azerbaijan offers a route of movement in its territory in accordance with its legislation, constitution, and jurisprudence. This route is in the direction of Aghdam Khankendi. Any foreign routes, Lachin-Khankendi road, attempts to transport goods to Azerbaijan from other countries' territory and attempts to forcibly accept it into Azerbaijan will not be fulfilled," he noted.

He also touched on a tweet posted by the French Ambassador to Armenia Olivier Decottignies over the Lachin BCP and noted that it would be better if the ambassador expressed his thought about the violation of human rights in France. Ilyas Huseynov reminded the atrocity committed by France in Africa as well.

"Here, another noteworthy point is that Olivier Decottignies, the French ambassador to Armenia, is calling for the opening of the Lachin BCP from his social page. It would be better if the French ambassador paid attention to gross violations of human rights, police violence, and inhumane behavior against protestors in demonstrations. And it would be better if the ambassador posted a tweet about the massacres committed by France over many years and the continuation of this policy in parallel with modern global contexts," he said.

Huseynov also drew attention to the hypocritic policy of France. He noted that France turns a blind eye to the Armenian crimes.

"Nakhchivan has been under blockade for more than 30 years, and as a result of the occupation, Armenia has committed culturicide, urbicide, and ecocide. It has implemented the policy of erasing Azerbaijan's heritage and making it its own. For some reason, the French government and ambassadors were silent. We observed the process of covering up and complicity in the crime. Therefore, France continues to operate its double standards and thereby tries to secure its interests in the South Caucasus with the help of Armenia," he added.


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