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Iran's rising jingoism in context of firming ties between Baku and Tel Aviv

8 June 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Iran's rising jingoism in context of firming ties between Baku and Tel Aviv
Rena Murshud
Rena Murshud
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Sometimes crazy, sometimes jealous and sometimes very angry - all these together give the meaning of Iran.

The regime, which is not satisfied with throwing up its grudge and hatred against Azerbaijan with a number of excuses, this time turned the relations between the state of Israel and Azerbaijan into a tool in its hands and started resorting to various provocations.

However, Iran is not as silly as its neighbor and close soul brother, Armenia. No matter how hostile it is, it does not give up its sweet tongue. For example, early this week, when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan issued a statement about the ban on the visit of citizens to Iran, it was able to immediately respond to it in its own way. Although Nasser Kanani, the spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Minister, gave a somewhat funny impression by calling Azerbaijanis "brothers and sisters", in general, he was able to play his stage role well, which was prepared based on the scenario of the regime.

Nevertheless, as always, this time the mullah regime could not hide its character. The unjust arrest of Farid Safarli and the unethical behavior towards several Azerbaijanis once again exposed Iran's insidious inner world.

"There has always been a prejudiced and hostile attitude towards Azerbaijan in the Iranian regime and its foreign policy, and it manifested itself in all forms. This is not Iran's foreign policy, but a policy of hostility at the state level."

A political analyst, member of the Board of the National Liberation Front of South Azerbaijan, Sadig Isabayli said this to Azernews, while discussing Iran's attitude towards Azerbaijan. He added that according to Iran, Azerbaijan should not be a strong state and it is necessary to create obstacles in front of all factors. "We saw such an attitude towards Azerbaijan in the Second Karabakh War: the victory of our powerful army, the liberation of our occupied lands, the beginning of peace processes. Threats, criticism, provocations and anti-Azerbaijani propaganda against the country in various forms continue to this day from Iran," the expert added.

By making such a statement, the Iranian offical tries to cover up his country's hostile policy towards us. However, Iran, the only terrorist regime in the world that holds citizens of other countries hostage and uses them to pressure the other side, accuse the Azerbaijani citizens on espionage.

Besides, while discussing Iran's domestic and foreign policy, the expert called Iran a dependent country on others and determined by foreign forces. "The Pahlavi regime, which ruled for 53 years, was established by England, and the mullah regime, which has continued until now for 44 years, was established as a result of the treacherous policy of France. The uprising, protest and desire for freedom of the population against the Pahlavi regime led to the coming to power from France of Khomeini, whose guards were citizens of France, and their graves are still guarded in Iran.

Iran has always interfered in the processes in the region through terrorism. The essence of the process is the interest of France in energy and the weakening of the Turkish states," Isabeyli noted.

The expert called Azerbaijanİ policy very smart, complex and modern in accordance with the high standards of international relations.

"The visits of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to Europe, speeches that he gives at various multilateral and international meetings shape the country's foreign policy in accordance with the course of both regional and global processes at a high level. Also, unlike Iran, Azerbaijan's foreign policy is carried out independently, and totally for its own interests. Iran cannot reconcile with this reality, and wants to accuse Azerbaijan of being under the control of foreign forces," the expert said.

Azerbaijani-Israeli relations are conducted at a strategic level. Relations between the two states in the energy, political, social, and other fields are based on very serious and strategic partnership. Iran obviously considers not only Azerbaijan but also Israel a hostile country and threatens it with statements that it will “destroy” them. Iran clearly does not welcome the development of comprehensive relations between the two states belonging to different religions. However, when we distinguish between the attitude towards the Turks in Iran and the attitude towards the Jews living in Azerbaijan, we see how Azerbaijan is a democratic state.

According to the expert, there is some kind of similarity between Iran's policy and the despotic policy of Hitler. Putting forward the slogan "If there is misfortune in the whole world, the Jews are to blame", Iran wants to sever Israel's relations with all countries. However, Azerbaijan proves the opposite.

"I would like to note that the Azerbaijani-Israeli relations are of concern not only to Iran, but also to Armenia and France. France intends to arrange provocations against the Jews in America," the expert emphasized.

Discussing the feasibility of normalization of Iranian-Azerbaijani relations, he called it a very tough process. Despite the fact that 40 million Azerbaijanis live in Iran, their cultural and political rights are being violated. The Iranian regime applies its policy of discrimination in all directions. Given all the threats and provocations of Iran against Azerbaijan, the normalization of bilateral relations in the near future looks hazy. The fact that Azerbaijan has a say in the geopolitical processes in the region irritates Iran.

Moreover, speaking about the danger from Iran, the expert urged Azerbaijani citizens to take the statement of the Foreign Ministry serious.

"I think that Azerbaijanis living in or visiting Iran should stick to the statement made by the Foreign Minister. Regardless of their status, any Azerbaijani can be taken hostage and used against Azerbaijan."

"The Iranian regime is merciless not only to the Turks, but also to its own citizens. Over the past 6-7 months, thousands of people have been thrown into prisons and shot on streets. I think that not a single Azerbaijani should visit Iran by taking Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry's statement seriously. Firstly, it is necessary for the safety of citizens, and secondly, it should not allow Iran to use it as a threat," the expert concluded.


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