Baku Chess Olympiad 2016

Mariya Muzychuk: Our goal is to be among prize winners PHOTO

Mariya Muzychuk won her 9th round game and helped her team achieve victory against Azerbaijan, but the highlight of her day came a little later: Susan Polgar, a former World Champion herself, presented Mariya with the “Caissa” Cup, the award for Female Player of the Year, in her capaticy as Chairwoman of FIDE’s Women’s Chess Commission. The prestigious trophy, hand-made from silver, gold and diamonds, with the winner’s name engraved on its back, and crafted by famed jewelers Lobortas, was certainly eye-catching; but Mariya herself was equally radiant when receiving it, as well as in the ensuing press conference with Susan and Anastasia Karlovich.
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Irina Krush: Baku is a beautiful city!

In the closing moments of Round 8, after a long and complicated fight, Irina Krush scored a hugely significant win against former World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk to give the United States team a resounding victory over Russia in the Women’s section leaders’ clash. After catching her breath (and going through a customary anti-doping check), Irina joined Susan Polgar in the Press Center.
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FIDE General Assembly meeting starts in Baku [ PHOTO ]

The FIDE General Assembly has started in Baku today within the framework of the 87th FIDE Congress. Opening remarks at the General Assembly were made by the Minister of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan Azad Rahimov. Welcoming the visitors to the 42nd Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azad Rahimov said, "It has already become a tradition for Azerbaijan to host prestigious international sporting events. Last year, Baku hosted the inaugural European Games and the FIDE World Cup. Earlier this year the Azerbaijani capital played host to a Formula 1 Grand Prix event. Now Baku is hosting the Chess Olympiad. The fact that the Chess Olympiad is held in Baku is a major event, and we would like to thank FIDE for this confidence in us," he said.
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