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Countdown for Turkey’s domestic electric vehicle begins

3 March 2022 17:43 (UTC+04:00)
Countdown for Turkey’s domestic electric vehicle begins

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Turkey’s Industry and Technology Deputy Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacir has said that the countdown for Turkey's domestic electric vehicle (TOGG) has begun, according to Yeni Shafak newspaper.

Addressing the Climate Council in Konya, Kacir stated that the Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Ministry is developing policies and actions to guide Turkey's green development.

Kacir emphasized the importance of fuel change and transformation in the fight against climate change, emphasizing that TOGG is a significant step in this direction.

"We are now all together in the countdown for TOGG. We are in the last 12 months to see TOGG on the roads. We are also excited about this," he said.

TOGG, according to Kacir, should be viewed as much more than just an automobile project or a car brand. He emphasized that it is a pioneering project that will accelerate the transformation of the entire automotive ecosystem, as well as the mobility ecosystem.

The deputy minister emphasized that TOGG, as a green development project, is a very critical step toward carbon neutrality.

"Electric vehicles are rapidly becoming more common around the world. After ten years, it is predicted that at least half of all vehicles sold will be electric, zero-emission vehicles, and TOGG is designed as an innately zero-emission, innately electric vehicle, and we are getting ready to hit the road," Kacir underlined.

In terms of battery production, he stated that this sector of the industry will create a new infrastructure around itself.

“The ecosystem that will develop around TOGG will also be very valuable. Our battery investments gained momentum. TOGG will be investing in batteries with the company SIRO, which it established, and I hope this investment will be realized quickly with the help of our ministry. A very important capacity will emerge. As a ministry, we are conducting extensive research to support other battery investments," Kacir underlined.

The deputy minister added that they collaborated with the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, the Industry and Technology Ministry, as well as all other stakeholders in establishing the national charging infrastructure.

"As the Industry and Technology Ministry, we will soon launch a support program for the establishment of fast charging infrastructure in Turkey, with the goal of equipping all 81 provinces with fast charging infrastructure within a year. We have completed all of the necessary preparations. Hopefully, we will have completed this quickly, and Turkey will have sent a strong message to the rest of the world through its national brand," Kacir stated.


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