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Caring for martyr families, Second Karabakh War veterans is top priority of Azerbaijan's state policy

14 July 2022 17:50 (UTC+04:00)
Caring for martyr families, Second Karabakh War veterans is top priority of Azerbaijan's state policy

By Trend

The philosophy of Azerbaijan’s social policy is to direct economic growth to improve the population’s welfare, Trend reports.

In recent years, when the financial crisis and COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated social problems in numerous countries, Azerbaijan continued the implementation of social projects and economic reforms. The country has made considerable efforts to improve the social conditions of war veterans and families of martyrs right after the historic victory achieved in the 44-day second Karabakh war.

Thus, following the Presidential Decree, the YASHAT Foundation was established on December 8, 2020 to address the problems of the second Karabakh war participants. It’s possible to apply to the Foundation by calling the short number 8110 or through the official website

The foundation budget is financed by voluntary contributions, and the donations constituted 73.78 million manat ($43.4 million) until June 23, 2022.

The YASHAT Foundation has held meetings with 17,015 citizens, including family members of 2,927 martyrs, as well as 5,650 veterans, to review their needs and requirements. A total of 27,232 appeals of 12,652 citizens have been accepted, and 22,454 payments have been implemented thus far.

The Foundation’s expenditure for all its activities totaled 62.59 million manat ($36.8 million), while the account balance amounted to 11.35 million manat ($6.68 million).

The Fund considered a total of 4,456 appeals from family members of martyrs, seven appeals from families of missing persons, and 5,959 appeals from the wounded.

Turkish doctors arriving in Azerbaijan with the support of the YASHAT Foundation examined more than 150 patients. Some 148 citizens suffering eye injury have been examined by Israeli specialists. Thus, 30 people had to undergo surgeries, while two of them had had their sight fully restored.

Moreover, the Foundation ordered orthopedic devices of the Russian Geographical Society worth 38,999 manat ($22,954) to accelerate the injury recovery process. A Giger MD rehabilitation device amounting to 47,200 manat ($27,781) was also purchased.

During the post-second Karabakh war period, about 8,000 martyr families were assigned 16,000 social welfare payments, and 3,151 war participants were diagnosed with a disability and assigned the relevant social benefits. Meanwhile, the monthly presidential pension has been paid to 81,856 persons awarded the ‘Veteran of war’ title. Totally, 93,000 family members of martyrs and veterans received a total of 104,000 social payments.

The amount of social payments to war participants has increased by 60 percent over the past year. The presidential pension for the second Karabakh war heroes has been established since January 1, 2021, while for war veterans – since January 1, 2022.

Another essential aspect of social support is providing housing to martyr families and war veterans. In 2021, the mentioned category of people was provided with 3,000 apartments (587 since the beginning of 2022), and a total of 3,587 apartments in the post-war period. Over the reporting period, more than 12,500 families of martyrs and war invalids were provided with housing.

Some 264 war veterans were granted cars in the post-war period. Thus, 7,450 citizens have been provided with cars so far.

Furthermore, more than 13,000 people, including members of martyr families, war participants, and Armenian terror victims were actively involved in employment programs, out of which 7,800 people – in self-employment programs. Some 2,423 family members of martyrs and war veterans were provided with jobs.

In the reporting period, over 9,000 people were provided with 28,500 psychosocial rehabilitation services. Since December 2020, the provision of war invalids with high-tech prostheses has begun under the instruction of President Ilham Aliyev. As part of the program, 200 servicemen have been provided with high-tech prostheses of the latest generation.

As part of social support, one-time financial and food assistance was also provided to the mentioned vulnerable group of the population.

As of July 1, 2022, up to 100,000 people were provided with 191,000 social services.


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