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Conference on Karabakh horse held in Russia

11 August 2020 13:59 (UTC+04:00)
Conference on Karabakh horse held in Russia

By Laman Ismayilova

The beauty of Karabakh horse has been glorified worldwide. This magnificent horse breed is considered one of the rare species in the world and the oldest in Asia and the Caucasus.

Russia has hosted an international online conference "Karabakh Horse Breed: A Selection Achievement of the Azerbaijani Republic", Trend Life reported.

The conference was held under the auspices of the Hipposphere International Equestrian Exhibition, with the participation of experts from Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran, Germany and the United States, including General Director of Unicorn Challenge Elvin Imanov; head of the livestock breeding and monitoring department under the Azerbaijan Ministry of Agriculture Esmira Latifova, professor at the National Academy of Sciences Pasha Hasanli; private horse breeder, editor of the "Pedigree book of horses of the Karabakh breed" Yashar Guluzade; co-author of the State Herd Book of Karabakh and Dilboz Breeds Taleh Mustafayev (Azerbaijan); director of All-Russian Research Institute of Horse Breeding Alexander Zaitsev, doctor of Tabriz University, Honored Professor Hasanli Mahpeikar, Chairman of the American Non-Governmental Society for Rescue of Karabakh Horses Samir Novruzov and others.

The event, moderated by the director of Hipposphere International Equestrian Exhibition Evgeniya Filippova discussed Karabakh horse breed and its distinctive features. It was stressed that the Karabakh horse breed is considered one of the oldest in the world. Its homeland is the high mountains of Karabakh.

These horses are a symbol of national heritage and the pride of every Azerbaijani. Karabakh horses are calm and friendly animals. Historically, a distinctive feature of Karabakh horses was the ability to overcome mountainous and rugged terrain. Today, Karabakh horses are mainly used for racing. This breed is known for its exceptional endurance. Karabakh horses are considered one of the national symbols of Azerbaijan, are the personification of freedom and nobility. Beauty, strength and grace of Karabakh horses have inspired many artists, writers and poets.

Chovqan, a traditional horse-riding game played on Karabakh horses, is inscribed in UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Back in 1956, Queen Elizabeth II was presented with the Karabakh horse Zaman, who for the first time represented the ancient horse-breeding culture of Azerbaijan in Great Britain.

This stunning horse breed has a small, well-defined head, a straight profile with a broad forehead, and large nostrils. The neck is set high, average in length, muscular and elegant.

The color of the Karabakh breed can be red, buckthorn, brown, bay, gray or golden-red, which is also called the "golden glow".

Karabakh breed horses were presented at the celebration of the anniversary of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in 2012.


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