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Yerevan’s choice between Turkey’s "carrot" and Armenian diaspora’s "stick"

16 December 2021 18:23 (UTC+04:00)
Yerevan’s choice between Turkey’s "carrot" and Armenian diaspora’s "stick"

By Trend

Azerbaijan's brilliant victory in the 44-day Second Karabakh War opened the way to numerous new opportunities in the region, among which is the restoration of communications and the normalization of the Armenia-Turkey relations.

The normalization of the Yerevan-Ankara relations was hampered by several reasons, including the issue related to the events of 1915 (which Armenia call the "Armenian genocide") and the occupation of the Azerbaijani territories.

Moreover, the Armenian diaspora, profiting from the so-called "Armenian genocide" plays an important "role" in this issue.

At the same time, Armenians all this time, through "people's diplomacy", were looking for ways to "normalize" relations with Turkey, or rather, the ways to settle in this country.

There are also many Armenians who prefer to visit Turkey as tourists and investors. Their number, according to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, was 1,280 in October 2021.

According to the Turkish media, every month at least 200 Armenian citizens stay in Turkey, illegally work there, and this is nothing more than a way to settle in the country.

As is known, the conditions in the region are different today compared to the previous period of 30 years.

The normalization of relations with Ankara is primarily for the benefit of Armenia. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced on December 13 that Turkey will open charter flights with the capital of Armenia – Yerevan.

“We will appoint special representatives with Armenia soon to take steps to normalize relations,” Cavusoglu said. “We will also open charter flights with the capital of Armenia - Yerevan.”

The Turkish foreign minister stressed that every step in this sphere will be taken jointly with Azerbaijan.

Three days after this statement, Cavusoglu stressed that after the 44-day Karabakh war, Turkey and Azerbaijan made positive messages to Armenia.

“Baku’s calls to conclude a comprehensive peace agreement with Yerevan are of particular importance,” Cavusoglu added. “These signals also demonstrate the approaches of Turkey and Azerbaijan to this issue.”

The Turkish foreign minister stressed that Ankara is considering the appeals from the Turkish and Armenian airlines on the issue of opening Istanbul-Yerevan-Istanbul flights.

Cavusoglu added that former Turkish ambassador to the US Serdar Kilic will be appointed to the post of special representative of the country to normalize relations with Armenia.

Some questions arise in connection with the abovementioned aspects. Will Armenia be able to escape from the Armenian diaspora amid rapprochement with Turkey? Will it be able to renounce its claims of a fictitious "genocide"?

“Will Armenia follow the footsteps of its western ally - France, which intends to open archives, declassify and publish documents about the war for the independence of Algeria, during which hundreds of thousands of Algerians were killed? Will Armenia open its archives to investigate the events of 1915?

Everybody knows that the claims of the Armenians regarding the events of 1915 are nothing more than a way of profit for the Armenian diaspora.

However, it is obvious that the sooner Yerevan escapes from the Armenian diaspora, the better for Armenia and its citizens.

Rufiz Hafizoglu

Head of the Foreign Projects Directorate of Trend News Agency


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