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Azerbaijan ranks 45th for global power ranking - US News & World Report

16 December 2019 15:05 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan ranks 45th for global power ranking - US News & World Report

By Ofeliya Afandiyeva

Azerbaijan has ranked as the 45th most powerful country according to the US News & World Report company report for 2019.

The country secured the 45th place among 80 countries leaving behind Nigeria (46th place), Indonesia (47th place), Ireland (48th place), Portugal (49th place), Colombia (50th place) in the Power category of the report.

Thus, Azerbaijan’s place for Power Ranking remained unchanged compared to 2018.

Finland (40th), Greece (41st), Oman (42nd), Kazakhstan (43rd), Poland (44th) demonstrated the best results in the fourth tier as most influential countries respectively.

The United States and Russia led the list, followed by China, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Korea.

Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia are considered the least influential countries according to the report.

Notably, Georgia and Armenia were not included in the list.

It should be mentioned that Power is one of the nine sub-rankings of the report and is determined on a basis of components as “leader”, “economically influential”, “politically influential”, “strong international alliances”, “strong military”. The Power sub-ranking score had an eight percent weight in the overall Best Countries ranking.

According to the US News & World Report, the world’s most powerful countries are the ones that consistently dominate news headlines, preoccupy policymakers and shape global economic patterns. Their foreign policies and military budgets are tracked religiously.

Azerbaijan also secured the 35th place in the Mover sub-category of the report, leaving behind the developed countries like Finland, Sweden, Spain, Canada accordingly.

The Movers sub-ranking is based on an equally weighted average of scores from four country attributes: different, distinctive, dynamic and unique. The Movers sub-ranking score had a 14 percent weight in the overall Best Countries ranking.


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