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Deputy Minister: COP29 to continue COP28 success, promising great achievement

11 June 2024 16:38 (UTC+04:00)
Deputy Minister: COP29 to continue COP28 success, promising great achievement
Nazrin Abdul
Nazrin Abdul
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In November, Baku will host a momentous gathering as tens of thousands convene for COP29, united in a shared mission: shaping the destiny of our planet in the face of climate change. COP29 stands as a pivotal platform where nations forge fresh commitments and translate intentions into action to combat the climate crisis.

This forum is poised to invigorate global discourse by amplifying Azerbaijan's perspective on vital issues such as regional security and the imperative shift towards sustainable energy, Azernews reports.

Abdulla Nasser Lootah, Deputy Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Competitiveness and Knowledge Exchange of the UAE, said that "the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29) will be held with great success and will be a continuation of COP28 organised in Dubai."

He stated, "We are confident that COP29 will stand out as one of the premier events within the COP series. We extend our best wishes to Azerbaijan for a successful conclusion to the year. Moreover, we eagerly anticipate hosting a delegation from Azerbaijan at the World Government Summit in February 2025, providing an opportunity for your country to showcase its exemplary practices across all public sectors."

Lootah emphasised that the current ministerial forum for knowledge exchange between Azerbaijan and the UAE marks a significant milestone, representing the inaugural gathering where the two nations convene to share insights, experiences, and visions for the future.

"This program underscores the tangible outcomes of the experience exchange agreement inked between the UAE and Azerbaijan in February 2023," he added.

The deputy minister conveyed his country's aspiration for enhanced collaboration with Azerbaijan across all domains.

It's worth highlighting that the United Arab Emirates emerges as a cornerstone investor in Azerbaijan's burgeoning green energy sector, fostering a robust partnership marked by a plethora of collaborative projects. This symbiotic relationship not only underscores the UAE's pivotal role in Azerbaijan's sustainable energy endeavors but also heralds a nexus of expertise, technological innovation, and investment opportunities.

The deepening ties between Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates herald a new chapter of dynamic cooperation, poised to yield mutual benefits and propel both nations towards a greener, more sustainable future. This strategic alliance holds immense potential to catalyse impactful initiatives within the framework of COP29, fostering synergy and collective action towards combating climate change on a global scale.

It's noteworthy that Azerbaijan, the UAE, and Brazil stand united as the "Troika" of COP presidents, embodying a continuum of climate leadership spanning the past, present, and future. Together, they are committed to intensifying the fight against climate change, with a sharp focus on advancing the critical "1.5°C mission" and bolstering initiatives outlined in the Paris Agreement.

This strategic alliance isn't merely about acknowledging past achievements; it's about propelling COP29 to unprecedented levels of impact. Through collaborative action and resource sharing, these nations aspire to redefine global climate efforts, leaving an enduring legacy of sustainability and progress for generations to come.

It should be noted that the international climate community holds high hopes for Azerbaijan's hosting of COP29. Anticipation is rife that the Baku conference will be among the most successful COPs to date, and for good reason. With discussions on climate finance at the forefront, the primary expectation of nations is the recalibration of the Great Financial Target set in Copenhagen in 2009, with updated figures reflecting the changes observed over the past 15 years.

COP29 signifies more than diplomatic dialogue—it represents a global imperative. At its core lies the pressing need for financial mobilisation to combat climate change. Amidst intricate negotiations, nations emphasise the urgency of robust financial backing for climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience. Reaffirming pledges for a $100 billion fund, both developed and developing nations set the scene for COP29 to drive tangible strides in fulfilling these crucial commitments.


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