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Tehran fails to pursue sound diplomacy for rage at Baku

3 April 2024 23:00 (UTC+04:00)
Tehran fails to pursue sound diplomacy for rage at Baku
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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Against the backdrop of Iran's tensions with the USA and Israel, Iran's provocations against Azerbaijan have been spotlighted in the headlines. So, according to official Tehran's claims, after the bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus by Israel, the Iranian Parliament said it was time to respond to official Tel Aviv.

But how and where?

Yesterday, the radical member of the Iranian parliament, Jalal Rashidi Kuchi's statement about this was not received unambiguously. Regarding the targeting of the Israeli embassy, he indicated Azerbaijan as the location of revenge.

One of the most interesting things is that, although it is claimed that the shooting of the building next to it, not the consulate, was carried out by the United States, Iran still blames Israel and also intentionally implicates Azerbaijan.

If Iran's problem is only the US or Israel, then why isn't Iran targeting the US embassy in Yerevan? It means that the official Tehran, which every time puts forward groundless excuses, is trying to say something to Baku, but its incompetence in the field of diplomacy does not allow it.

Israeli journalist and political commentator Rachel Avraham told AZERNEWS that the Tehran regime could not hide its jealousy of Azerbaijan-Israel relations. According to her, what is interesting for Iran is not to take revenge for the incident in Damascus but to use it as an excuse and send a 'message’ to Israel and Azerbaijan.

“The Iranians want to target not just Israel but also Azerbaijan, which they consider to be a strong ally of Israel. For this reason, they are interested in going after the Israeli Embassy in Baku. They wouldn't attack Armenia; literally, the embassy in Yerevan, even if they are against the USA, it goes without saying,” she said.

As regards the reason why Iran is targeting Israel and not the United States, Rachel said that the US is a tough enemy for Tehran; they are after a bit of a soft one.

“I think that they consider the Israeli Embassy a softer target than the US Embassy. They would rather go after the US allies than the USA directly for that reason,” the journalist added.

Rachel Avraham said that Iran is trying to show its hatred for Azerbaijan, along with Israel and the United States. She added that Iran has always wished death to its opponents, and most importantly, it cannot withstand the fact that Azerbaijan is a secular state.

“They always despise a secular country like Azerbaijan, where a female journalist interviewed the Iranian ambassador without wearing a hijab. And despite the fact that most Azerbaijani women wear hijab in Azerbaijan, it is not by force or under the dictates of a regime like Iran. Even though some of the women are Shia Muslims, they still have a modern lifestyle and promote secularism, not religious fundamentalism. This greatly disturbs them, and that is why they have a special hatred for Azerbaijan. And they hate the fact that Azerbaijan is the closest ally of Israel. This is one of the main reasons that disturbs them and forces them to resort to provocations and terrorism,” she added.

Regarding the response of the Israeli government to Iran, the journalist said that no official response has been given yet.


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