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Head of junta accuses Yerevan and its patrons

30 October 2023 16:30 (UTC+04:00)
Head of junta accuses Yerevan and its patrons
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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The separatism that once rooted in Garabagh like a carbuncle for many years has already started to ooze its pus around. Despite a group of illegal separatist military units that raised a white flag, surrendered, and left the territories after the end of anti-terrorist measures on September 20, this did not completely uproot separatism.

Following the games played by Vardanyan and Harutyunyan, who also ended in failure, Samvel Sharamanyan was put in the position as a new head of junta and somewhat passive figure with a slightly updated scenario. To put it more clearly, the targets have already changed their direction and focused on accusing the patrons rather than Azerbaijan.

Samvel Shahramanyan, who said that the so-called artsakh will be dissolved in January 2024 after Azerbaijan's successful anti-terrorist measures, completely denied what he said in his interviews. On the contrary, the separatist leader, who has just entered the game, accuses the UN mission group, the Armenian leadership, and even the Russian peacekeepers of the defeats of the clan in Garabagh. It is very unpredictable, but perhaps this is part of the game. It is very interesting that it is the Armenian TV channel that brought Shahramyan to the agenda and criticized the Armenian leadership, which, by asking targeted questions to the so-called separatist leader, who is not completely sure of what he is talking about, directs him to get the answer it wants to be heard.
If Samvel Shahramanyan's statements were his own, he would surely receive a slap from Armenia: Where was the financial assistance provided over the last 30 years during your stay in Garabagh?

Panorama | Armenian news

Even the UN mission team would probably grab Sharmanyan by the collar, curse him, and take him to court for ignoring all the help they have done.

However, it seems that even though Shahramanyan memorized the thesis prepared for him well, he could not fully absorb it. Therefore, the artificiality in his statements could not escape professional eyes.

Russian 'peacekeepers' - patrons of terrorists and separatists in Karabakh |

But what is the fault of the Russian peacekeepers that Shahramanyan accused them of in the interview? Samvel says that half an hour after the Azerbaijani side started anti-terrorist measures, the Russian peacekeepers immediately changed their status and withdrew as an observation. I wonder what Samvel meant by status. To my understanding, peacekeeping units can have only one status: to maintain stability in the area while maintaining neutrality.

However, the following conclusion can be drawn from Samvel Shahramanyan's answer: the separatists were once addicted to bad habits. This can also be explained by the large number of weapons and ammunition warehouses supplied to them in Garabagh. Let's remember, how were those weapons delivered to Garabagh? How were mines buried again in the territories freed from occupation?

It means that the game makers and players are exposing themselves one by one today. For example, drivers and staff of so-called "humanitarian aid" trucks belonging to Armenia's Spayka company, which used to line up near the border checkpoint of Lachin in the territory of Armenia and wait for the opening of the border, are protesting against the Yerevan administration. It seems that when Spayka was brought into the game, there was a secret deal for money, and the player still hasn't been paid.

This is just the beginning, and many players will be exposed in the course of events. There is no need to organize judicial or investigative search measures for them. Lies have short legs. And that's all they've come to; there's still an even more exciting show ahead.


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