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West serves more to maintain atmosphere of conflict than peace in Caucasus

22 October 2023 22:30 (UTC+04:00)
West serves more to maintain atmosphere of conflict than peace in Caucasus
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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The situation in Garabagh until September 20 was almost in accordance with the wishes of some circles in the United States and the European Union. Here, at least, there were certain pretexts to intervene in the region under the name of "peace talks".

The European Union states, France, as well as the upper political circles of the United States, hoped that as long as separatism remained in Garabagh, they would be able to pursue their purposeful policies. But after September 20, the situation changed drastically. The West, which had lost its glimpse of hope, began to resort to different means.

Currently, the European Union and the United States do not treat the current situation in the South Caucasus, between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and the nature and results of the anti-terrorist measures implemented on September 20 with justice. This, first of all, reveals the unpleasant position of the other party.

In addition, attempts by Western circles to unreasonably present Azerbaijan as a country implementing a policy of "ethnic cleansing" are evident.

This line is clearly visible in the position of the European Parliament, the European Union, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and some other countries. However, all these claims are in complete contradiction with the history and culture of the mentioned countries. Although imperialist France constantly tries to show itself as a defender of peace, it cannot hide its true inner face.

The "Neocolonialism: Violation of Human Rights and Injustice" international conference held in Baku was dedicated to highlighting the problems of the countries that suffered great damage under French colonial policy. Instead of being ashamed of all this and changing its position, France, on the contrary, insists on conducting a hateful policy against the South Caucasus with its imperialist mindset.

For example, the announcement of France's intention to continuously provide arms assistance to Armenia and prepare Armenia for a new war in the South Caucasus indicates that the Western forces are leading an extremely dangerous game.

In a nutshell, the steps taken in the direction of providing consistent financial and humanitarian aid to Armenia, arming it, the high probability of extending the duration of the EU's military mission in this country, the political bows made to Armenian officials, including Pashinyan, leave no room for doubt in the double standards and hypocrisy of the West.

The West should understand that unless there is peace in the region, neither side will be able to benefit from this. On the contrary, the crisis in the South Caucasus, which is the focal point of the economy, can result in a great loss for the world.

Unfortunately, some forces interested in the continuation of conflicts today do not understand this. After the anti-terrorist measures in Garabagh, the so-called head of the so-called regime, Samvel Shahrmanyan, announced that the so-called Nagorno-Karabakh regime would be abolished by January. However, there are sharp distortions in Sharmanyan's latest speeches.

The separatists have already established a headquarters in Yerevan and have made it clear that the so-called regime will continue to operate. This, in turn, shows that Armenia is not interested in signing a peace agreement with Azerbaijan.

In addition, separatist leader Samvel Sharmanyan's 180-degree change in his position shows that he is under the influence of Western forces. It seems that the notorious forces that do not want to give up the South Caucasus still intend to play more games.

What can be done? Let them continue their games. It is extremely sad to imagine what kind of fate awaits Armenia. It seems that the confrontational policy of the West will still serve a long time to maintain the atmosphere of conflict in the South Caucasus.


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