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Full functioning of Lachin road is possible through dialogue

1 September 2023 16:45 (UTC+04:00)
Full functioning of Lachin road is possible through dialogue
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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Armenian provocations regarding the Lachin State Border checkpoint still continue. It should be recalled that the border crossing point on the Lachin road was established by the Republic of Azerbaijan on April 23 with the aim of preventing Armenian provocations and illegal transportation of weapons and ammunition. Until that time, the Armenian armed forces have repeatedly carried out various types of military equipment, especially weapons and mines, to the territory of Azerbaijan illegally, and carried out armed provocations against the Azerbaijani army. In recent days, in order to eliminate the border, Armenia has carried out various provocations under the name of the European Union mission group, as well as humanitarian aid.

Under siege: Nagorno-Karabakh accuses Azerbaijan of throttling supply lines – POLITICO

However, all efforts could not sway Azerbaijan from its determined policy. Later, Azerbaijan put forward a joint proposal that could satisfy both sides, that is, the delivery of humanitarian aid to Garabagh economic region via the Aghdam-Khankendi road, which is the most relevant one from technical perspective. However, separatists operating illegally in Garabagh rejected the proposal as well as manipulating the given situation.

Finally, Azerbaijan still stands by its proposal. Thus, the Azerbaijani side once again notes that the full functionality of the Lachin road in connection with the operation of the Lachin border crossing point can take place after the start of a direct dialogue with the Armenians minority living in the Garabagh economic region of Azerbaijan and the implementation of the necessary technical measures. In addition, the conditions state that the operation of the road should be carried out in accordance with the rules of Azerbaijan's border security and border control, as well as the customs regime.

It is known that Armenia has violated Azerbaijan's customs regulations for 30 years, imposed customs duties on goods brought to Garabagh, and caused huge damage to Azerbaijan's budget. Today, Lachin border crossing point, in addition to playing the role of a security guarantor of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, also prevented Armenia from obtaining illegal income by bringing the desired goods to Garabaghh through the Lachin road. Armenia should understand that that era is over.

Conditions created for free passage of Armenian residents of Azerbaijan's Karabakh from Lachin checkpoint

Lachin customs checkpoint will operate according to the same rules as all other customs checkpoints operating in Azerbaijan. Thus, customs documentation should be prepared in accordance with the laws of Azerbaijan.

- For example, if "Stepanakert" or the so-called "Republic of Artsakh" is written in the documents, those goods should not be released until appropriate corrections are made in the documents.
- The names of residential areas should be written in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan.
- Which legal entity will accept the goods? (appropriate answer should be provided)
- Is there a corresponding number in the register of the State Tax Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan of the legal entities receiving the goods?
- Where is the company that stamped the seal registered?
- In addition, thousands of other questions related to customs transit and control may arise.

If they are not answered, it is impossible to organize customs control. If there is no customs control, the Lachin road will remain closed for commercial cargo from Armenia.

In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to start substantive and result-oriented negotiations between the central government of Azerbaijan and the Armenians living in Garabagh. As a result of these negotiations, a road map for the commercial use of Lachin road can be prepared.

Thus, first of all, the central government of Azerbaijan and the Armenian minority in Garabagh should start a dialogue, secondly, the first steps should be taken in the direction of reintegration, thirdly, the Aghdam-Khankendi road should be opened and operational, fourthly, the opening of a customs control point on the Lachin road and finally commercial cargo transportation on the Lachin road should be fully operational.

Azerbaijan has always been based on the principles of humanism, but also guided by international laws. At the same time, Azerbaijan calls on other parties to respect the laws of Azerbaijan and the territorial integrity governed by those laws. Any national minority living on the territory of Azerbaijan is subject to the laws of Azerbaijan, and the opposite cannot be considered possible.


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