Azerbaijani writer`s novel released in UK

By Sabina Saha, literary critic

A novel by Azerbaijani writer and literary critic Vagif Sultanly was published in London in English this year. ``The Human Sea`` novel, which is another step in promoting Azerbaijani literature abroad, was edited by Michael Brannock.

Sultanly, who is known among the Azerbaijani literary community mostly as a prose writer, has published a number of stories, narratives and novels, including ``Extinct stars``, ``Slave market``, ``Dream of Death``, ``Valley of non-existence``, ``Traveler on a tough road``, ``Horizons of freedom``, ``Azerbaijani immigration literature``, ``Escape coast of life``, etc.

``The Human Sea``, which merges the common features of realism and the conditional-metaphoric genre, describes developments that occurred at the end of the 20th century. The author tries to shed light on the social and moral contradictions of that period in the backdrop of the fate of a person who accidentally commits murder.

The author successfully turned the shortfalls that were engrained in society, such as indifference, carelessness and immorality, into the focus of his creative writing.

British publicist and critic Dr. Vincent Walsh highly assessed Sultanly`s novel in its preface, saying it offers a good creative solution to the alienation problem that took hold in society.

``The Human Sea`` novel is currently being readied for publication in the United States.

The book can be ordered on and websites.