Anti-Azeri protest fails in Poland

Armenians have failed to hold a protest in front of the Azerbaijani embassy in Poland, the diplomatic mission said last week.

A group of people had informed the embassy in Warsaw of its intention to hold a rally outside the compound.

20 protesters sought to hold a demonstration under the slogan ``historical injustice`` in front of the embassy and received relevant permission from the city`s authorities.

``The embassy knows nothing about the individuals who wanted to hold the rally, the organization they belong to and the historical injustice they are talking about,`` the Azerbaijani embassy said in a statement. ``The embassy conducted preparatory work on several topics as the world community does not properly assess the terrible injustice of our time - the occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia and the Khojaly genocide [committed against Azerbaijanis during the Karabakh war in 1992].``

According to the embassy, 10 to 12 Armenians gathered for the protest, holding posters with slogans, a mouthpiece, two to three Armenian flags and a camera.

``This shows that their main goal was to photograph these slogans and disseminate them in the Armenian press. But when they approached the embassy building, they encountered photos hung on the fence reflecting the Armenian aggression and the Khojaly massacre... as well as slogans saying `The whole Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan` and `Result of Armenian aggression - one million Azerbaijani refugees`,`` the statement says.

Azerbaijan and Armenia, its South Caucasus neighbor, face a bitter conflict over the mountainous region of Nagorno Karabakh that emerged in 1988 over Armenian territorial claims. The two countries fought a lengthy war that claimed some 30,000 lives and displaced about a million Azerbaijanis. Since the fragile ceasefire accord signed in 1994, Armenian armed forces have occupied over 20 percent of Azerbaijan`s internationally recognized territory, in defiance of international law. OSCE-brokered peace talks have been largely fruitless so far.