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Erdogan criticizes EU position on possible return to death penalty

26 July 2016 13:35 (UTC+04:00)
Erdogan criticizes EU position on possible return to death penalty

By Gunay Hasanova

The Turkish president criticized the EU's position on possible return to death penalty, calling it unfair since the decisions in a democratic country are taken by citizens.

"The people require the death penalty back," RIA news quoted Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying.

The EU states it will stop the process of negotiations on Turkey's accession to the European Union if Ankara restores the death penalty. This was announced by the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Reuters reports.

Erdogan made a return to the sentence of the death penalty in the Constitution in connection with the attempted military coup in Turkey.

This was his response to those who demanded from the president the return of death penalty.

"The demands of people cannot be ignored in a democracy," RIA News quoted Erdogan, speaking at the funeral of the victims of coup attempts, answering audience, who chanted "we want the death penalty back". "It is your legitimate right. This will be considered in the framework of the Constitutional process by the relevant authorities, who will make decision,"

On the night of July 16, a group of soldiers attempted a coup d'état in Turkey. On the morning of 16th the state television and media reported that the Peace Council took the situation under control and the rebellion was suppressed. Erdogan accused Gulen, the supporter of opposition, who, according to his words, was giving orders from Pennsylvania.

According to the latest data, as a result of attempted coup 265 people were killed and thousands were injured.

Immediately after the failed attempt for coup d'etat many countries, in particular the world powers voiced their support to the legitimate state power in Turkey. The European leaders backed this triumph of democracy in Turkey, stating any impossibility of any change of power by force.

Turkey has along waited for its EU membership, while each application to accede to the European Union was frustrating for the government. Turkey, holding a status of an associate member at the Economic Community the predecessor of the EU since 1963 made his, made an official for entry on April 14, 1987.

The membership bid has become a major controversy of the ongoing enlargement of the European Union.

Turkey started negotiations on October 3, 2005 and out of 35 chapters necessary to complete the accession process, 15 were opened and one was closed


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