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Exhibition with amulet shirts of Ottoman sultans opened in Rome

6 June 2024 23:27 (UTC+04:00)
Exhibition with amulet shirts of Ottoman sultans opened in Rome

By Alimat Aliyeva

In Rome, the Turkish Cultural Center of the Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) opened an exhibition entitled "Prayer Shirts" ("Dualı Gömlekler"). The exhibition presents amulet shirts worn by the Ottoman sultans to win wars or protect themselves from evil, Azernews reports.

30 works prepared by calligrapher, Doctor of Sciences Mehmet Vanlioglu, lighting designer Ayshe Vanlioglu and a team of thirteen people are presented within the framework of the exhibition in the Italian capital.

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, the director of the Turkish YEE Cultural Center in Rome, Zafer Kıyıı, said that the organizers of the exhibition were very pleased to present to art lovers in Japan, Germany, Albania, and then in Rome the prayer shirts worn by the Ottoman sultans.

At the opening of the exhibition, lighting designer Ayshe Vanlioglu said that the team really wanted to convey the historical flavor of the Ottoman era, so they reproduced copies of shirts inlaid with ornaments and inscriptions with prayers that Turkish sultans wore under their armor.

"We have held exhibitions in many countries and many cities in Turkiye, and they have attracted a lot of attention. Now we have arrived in Rome," she said.

At the same time, the artist noted the importance of holding the event in Italy from the point of view of the history of the Ottoman state.

"Of course, when there is a historical connection, it worries us even more. For example, there is a shirt by Jem Sultan in the exhibition. We know that Jem Sultan was detained here. His shirt is a shirt that has never found its owner. Of course, we are very concerned when such historical ties arise," she said.

In turn, calligrapher Mehmet Vanlioglu said that his team has been engaged in exhibitions for 10 years: "We are very happy to pass on the culture of our ancestors to the youth."

In addition to geometric shapes and meaningful motifs, the shirts also feature sharifs and surahs. In addition, shirts have a unique meaning in terms of art and aesthetics. This is a historical document from the point of view of revealing the social and cultural life of that period, which shows the level achieved in the art of calligraphy and illumination with inscriptions and ornaments on shirts. It is believed that it protects the people it wears from the evil eye and all kinds of diseases and heals from various diseases, and also performs an important function in terms of providing comfort and motivation to those who wear it as underwear, making them feel safer.


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